About ChaoticWars Welcome to ChaoticWars.NET
Think you have what it takes to be the best?
Become the most feared of all?
Be the richest in the world?
Will you survive and build your reputation, or will you be destroyed?
Many people around the world think you haven't got what it takes.


Well let's see what you got!

About ChaoticWars
ChaoticWars is a text based online rpg game.
The aim? To complete tasks, batter enemies and ultimately gain the ranking of legend by fellow members.

You will have the ability to do crimes, attack your enemies along with joining gangs for outright carnage.
You can play slots, race cars, get married, take a job, master some courses or have a game of video poker.
The list is endless and always growing with new updates.

Member Level
The Pun[9]13002
Blood Sport[1237]11646
Death Keeper[167]11024
Bacon Man[185]10641
Gang Respect
Hidden Society2330
mean machines90

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