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Post #1 Subject: Updated Price Plan Posted at: September 7 2018, 2:58:03 am

Cheese [8]

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So i'm just gonna formalise this, and edit this post in future.

Current House: Pentagon
Hourly Rate: $550k
Offers: Bulk:- For every 8 hours booked in one chunk the hourly rate drops by $50k, to a minimum of $400k per hour.
Off-peak:- if booking the 8 hours between 1am and 9am the hourly rate will be $450k.

The 2 offers can not be applied at the same time, and the prices above are a guideline, and equivalent payment will be accept, i.e crystals, potions.

I prefer to rent through marriage, however renting off the market can be arranged, drop me a message in-game and i'll get back to you ASAP.

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