ChaoticWars Preview
    Here you will find a quick preview to what you should expect to find within ChaoticWars.

    Within ChaoticWars there is something for everyone. You may wish to try out being in a gang or try your luck in the casino area. The possabilities are endless and leaves a member many paths that they may wish to follow. As well as the game being provided to a big community there is also the ability for members to chat to other via the chatroom.

    With all this being available its also free to register. Click here to register.

    Once signed up your can start straight away. You have access to all the content listed below as per subject to requirements as well as continued future updates. Please note this is a rundown of features available and may not include everything as things are constantly being updated.

  1. No cost - For the life of the game, ChaoticWars will remain to be free to play unless a member should choose to make a donation.
  2. Attack - A great way to get your revenge on another member and includes options to hospitalize, mug or leave your victim.
  3. Items - There are many items available from weapons and armour to medical and energy regeneration. Theres plenty that can be gained.
  4. Mail Box - An internal mailing system is used to allow all members to have better direct interaction.
  5. Gym - A place for all members. Come here to train and increase your statistics and level to fight out for the overall super power.
  6. Crimes - Excellent place to make cash, crystals or items. Over 10 crimes and hundreds of outcomes.
  7. Job - Gives the ability to apply for a job and gain stats and money etc. Also allows a member to work extra hard for a promotion.
  8. School - Schooling rewards members with completed courses extra stat rewards.
  9. Jail - If you should get caught doing some criminal activity this is the place you will end up being.
  10. Hospital - Injury is a big thing in ChaoticWars. However recovery can be achieved by using so medical items.
  11. Forums - Great place to interact with others. Ideal for selling items or setting up events etc.
  12. Announcements - Keep upto date will all the latest news via announcements. Anything issued here is direct from staff only.
  13. Search - Gives the facility to search for members with certain criteria.
  14. Gang - Place to create or join a gang and start gang wars with others.
  15. Shops - Home to all buyable items such as weapons. etc.
  16. Hall of fame - Lists the top 20 members or certain criteria selected by the member.
  17. Bank - Place to store hard earned cash and to gain the ability of making interest.
  18. Russian Roulette - 6 shots and 1 stake. Will you have the luck to be the winner.
  19. Casino - Place of gambling features including slots, roulette, lottery and many more.
  20. Investments - Invest money for a period of time and get some great interest gains.
  21. Reports - If you should have a bug or a player report. The systems provided will ensure you query is looked into swiftly.
  22. 24 / 7 Uptime - Unless its extremely necessary for downtime, ChaoticWars will run 24 / 7.
  23. Accounts - Regular backups are made so rest assured in the event of a server issue all your work is 100% safe.
  24. Dedicated server - ChaoticWars is run on its own dedicated server to ensure lag isn't an issue.
  25. Support - Dedicated staff are available to help. If you have an issue there will be a member of staff online that can help.

  26. The list can go on for much longer however staff at ChaoticWars urge you to give it a try and see for yourself the endless activities you can get upto. If text based games is your thing then this is for you.