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Post #1 Subject: Because x men stinks. Posted at: August 10 2019, 2:12:54 am


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Wade Wilson is a highly-capable solo-act, but a little old Spidey friend isn't such a bad co-conspirator even if The Avengers do like to be nosey. He knows he can trust him enough to have Peter Parker around.

I play old school dead pool in a multiverse where marvel and dc are the same universe.
I'd love to see if anyone could create anything.

-The door pulled open further, then. He suspected he would see Colossus's lumbering form but instead there was a tall, slender woman with dark skin and white hair.-

W^ Does every girl in this school chop their hair- is it a requirement?" he gasped, hand over his heart.
Are you being indoctrinated?

-She stopped chomping on her trademark gum just long enough to answer.-

W Just blink twice, and I'll liberate you.

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