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Post #1 Subject: The toxic dystopian future Egypt Posted at: December 1 2019, 12:18:17 am

Sugar Plum Faerie [326]

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A Shu x5
Un Nefert tattia
Hattia em ba ka em et Shu.
A Shu ×5
Djed em hattia Shu
Merit anat Neteru.
Tua Shu x 2
Nehmes em Hotep
Tua shu ×2
× 12 while burning Juniper and Lavender


Be hold the god of wind Shu x5
The beautiful one who wears the crown.
Behold the god of wild Shu x5
The enduring one of my heart.
Belived god of my heart.
In the adoration of Shu the god of wind ×2
Awake in peace
In the adoration of Shu the god of wind ×2

It is a soft day of Akhet the first month of the flooding seasons and the priestess deep inside the Temples of Shu Prepared dried juniper berries along with sun baked cinnamon from the distant land of Hati along with local fresh lavender bushels into bowls for burning.
The lord Ra's sun is beginning to set over the large water surrounded temple of the god of wind and war , husband to the goddess of Moisture.
The Female Pharoah would vist tonight with feasting to pay her dues to the gods , Reket (commoners) , Priestess and the Queens entourage would line up in the back gardens following the stone path around the large temple.
The back gardens may not have been as legendary for being pleasing to the eye as that of The Lady Hathors yet they had rare exotic flowers that only opened at night.
And lemon trees in neat proud rows to surround a large statue of the god and many beautiful mad made feasting tables painted with ostrich feathers.

The particular Temple was surrounded by a square long deep moat that one would have to boat over to enter.
This would be sacrilege as the priestess of Shu stay. Virgins and Only Married to the god therefore only The god himself, The priestess and the Pharoah are allowed inside.

Weeks of preparation have lead to this auspicious night of festival song and dance.
This was to ensure the winds would bring down the moisture from the clouds ensuring flood season would last the next three months.
Everyone would judge the Queens performance on this night as each member would gather round to watch and see if the gods would bless the season of growling.
Failure to envoke the Nerteru's pleasure would mean a bad growing season and possible hints of famen to the poorest parts surrounding the capital.

Every priestess was fast at work arranging flowers, making the rest of the fine dishes or pastries, the tables had to look right , and the oil offering had to be the best of the year as to not ensue the wrath of the Neteru (the gods) not a thing was out of its proud placementsnd even blue lotus flowers adorned the painted bars holding up the hanging shades .

Rows of lamps made the garden burst and dance with a new found light and warmth of love the air smelt of a coming rain and the smell of cinnamon burned in the massive bonfires to the sides to keep the air smelling fresh and warm

(I will add more once we get a good look of the crowd so please feel free to add what ever you think this scene needs to be set in place for that night )
Post #2 Subject: Will post more before Christmas Posted at: December 20 2019, 5:29:41 pm

Sugar Plum Faerie [326]

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After speaking with maybe an elf and cheese in chat last night it seems a few people are interested in reading this even if I don't have any real play responses I hope no one minds and would appreciate some feedback feel free to jump in at any point I'll be working on it slowly throughout the holidays thanks a lot.

As the day began to surpass in the hottest hour began to Creep by many priestesses walked around the fine tables with pluming ostrich feather fans gilded with gold much larger than their own bodies; to the ancient Queen who was allowing herself to be prepared it sounded like subtle music far off that she could tune out upon will.

 Kretari sat in a gilded Golden Throne that had handlebars so we can be easily moved around and accessed throughout the day.

Everfaithfuil faithful maidservant  and sister NeferArrryn had to taken many hours applying makeup to her face so that when she wore her Double crown ( in fact it was the one that Nefertiti was known for ripping off not that history ever gave the Queen the Justice she deserved, Immortal so often do you find justice anyways.)

 As the creature stared at her own reflection violet orbs glowing back at her a shit eating grin began to steal the corners of her face just hinting the dimples at the top of her cheekbones.

"You know they hardly even care about the ritual itself versus the wine and good food from all across the lands it's a Pity really."

The smooth words do sound Serene almost light if she doesn't actually care what she saying but the creatures sister does know better.

 " At least after the war they finally gave up their false gods and you have some hope of ruling again, you have your crown back on Earth that's more than I can say for my crown back in hell."

The violet-eyed creature now turned her neck towards to her sister from the past few lives and eons, this made the white tresses of hair fall to her shoulders.

For a lonng moment she observed the woman standing next to her she was not dressed like an Egyptian woman, she had gilded Jewels all across her dress and it clung around her neck and a leafy pattern.

She had the silver Elven Crown from her lands upon her blonde locks and narrow magenta eyes glared at her with loving contempt.

"At least you get to choose what you look like when I was human I was the most beautiful woman alive, my caramel tones of my skin could make a man weep for ages now I look like some kind of alabaster snow poster child."

At this the two women begin to laugh it's almost Whimsical because the creature sounds like a breathy goddess letting out thanks to the heavens; while the jeweled and overdressed sister sounds like a beautiful confident woman who's not afraid of anything they don't match each other up and it sounds like an eagle next to a trilling jaybird.

" I suppose we ought to go they won't be expecting it tonight will they?"

Which ancient magical rituals always did have the nature of a blood sacrifice: it wasn't than anything was intended to be gruesome or horrific but to save the cosmic balance of the shattered world that was left it was required and most of The Mortals couldn't handle the site.

"Perhaps not the younger ones but the older ones are seasoned and I'm sure that they know how to prepare their own children, the reports say that most of them openly welcome your gods and the Order of ma'at only some are reluctant."

The Two Sisters seem to be sharing some unanswered question among themselves they look completely different among one another as a creature stands and fixes the Lilac down.

It's mostly just sheer quite almost see-through except for the thick layer of faience beads that are painted gold and turquoise underneath it hiding the rest of her physique and curves.

The older sister who's scene is the maidservant reaches from behind the two of them and places on the beautiful purple gilded crown that was shaped so much like the famous  Nefertiti's.

"That can be an issue I remember Aket-aten when the Pharaoh tried to force his rituals and gods among the people they still worshipped in secret and they hated him they called him a heretic."

The older creature takes her sisters chin gently and her left hand looking The Violet orbs deep with for learning using her own magenta ones.

"He was a heretic because he beat his wife and married his children, and you did not let it stand you caused the plague even if you lost control once you started."

The creature pulls away harshly and looks around to make sure no other servants can hear them or paying attention.

"Keep your voice down about such things, most of The Mortals I choose to surround myself with couldn't handle who I used to be before I took over…."

The older sister ignores this and only crosses her arms and shrugs giving her a givem hell additude.

"You are a pharaoh who has a king husband for the first time since Pharaoh Hatshepsut's age at least one who is ruling correctly."

The creature gave a self-satisfied whistful sigh and patted herself on the shoulder before putting her sandals on that were gilded in covered with lapis lazuli beads.

"NeferArryn this just isn't ancient Egypt anymore after the early 2000 people had technology cell phones, the world is not what it used to be I forgot how to handle themselves without relying on it and now they expect me to fix all of their problems and I'm not sure I can fix as much as they want me to this is as much responsibility as I've ever had since the times of ancient days."

In truth is she speaking these words it's almost a relief to be able to admit them out loud to someone besides herself .

"I haven't performed any  ancient ritual to the gods since I was mortal I don't even know if they will accept the tainted beast I am to perform something so pure everything is riding on this."

Her voice is smooth it truly shows her ancient age when she speaking common collectively her facial expressions show no worry she still looks beautiful and Serene yet her words are terrifying and lonely.

Her sister hugged her and gave her a genuine and confident smile padding her shoulder before going to grab a glass of Brandy on the nearby table next to the golden statue of the Goddess Isis.

" and that is why you're going to do fine tonight and not worry or be afraid."

To be contunied 

Post #3 Subject: Posted at: December 21 2019, 1:54:55 am

Forgotten Fruitcake [397]

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Much better then anythin I can do eager to see next part -takes tub of pop corn- you nailed my wife to a tee.... but maybe maybe one too many Richard Bachman Reffrences... ;)

Better have an old ass named Jack in the party.
Geoff Back me up XD
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Puns Violet Eyed Gun [326]

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Okay I know I said I would post before Christmas but you know what life happens people I'm sorry.
This is probably not as refined as I would like it to be but I'm just getting back into writing so if you like it you like it if not well just put all the blame on me I'm the one who wrote it..

As you can see I have taken in a considerable amount of effort to try to make each post more and more detailed and easier to follow hope it's working.

Same day same timeline continuing now.

Year 2420


 June on calender the start of Ahket [june to sept]

Holy is the Lady manifested by the god re to salvate the lands.

The redemed creature made queen.

In the passing hours as the run disk slips into the moutains and the sky paints its orange hues into the outskirts of the lands.
The lady pharoahs tensions cannot be felt or heard from the shadows.

The temple has been vibrating with life for a few hours now, not much left of the civil modern worlds and only a few had choosen to come to the city of Hathor across the Nile to find salvation
Rumours even here at the party noone hadseen the all knowing female Pharoah, they did have free will and it seemed talk of running to surrounding countries to try to fight.

 Kretari had heard the truth behind this, and yes back in the Americas some DID live.
If you can calll it living,
The inner thought does not seem so absurd or bitter as it processes through her mind, if there was one thing she had learned from humans in 5,000 years it was this.

Humans had a vicous way of acting like starving desprate rats even in modern times that never changed.
Kretari had letters proving The Americas had gone canabalistic. 
It had been a self toure motivated peace she felt hearing them complain as she hid in the shadows.  Kretari had enjoyed hearing the truth it was so often visers lied about the Rekets feelings.

Some things never change Its not a self assuring thought as she sighs out.

Her mind wonders to starting to move the time and hour is now limited. Her smooth breath becomes ragged and flustered as her world around her shifs.

Her cheek bones shine with diamond like gold paint as she moves under the light of a torch.

A soft quiet voice speaks out now one that makes the violet orbs that replace the ceatures eyes narrow. Yet this movement is trained by the old curse of the throne so that only a trained eye could have seen the movement. "Enjoy this while you can." The voice is thick and she registers it sounds like a man who speaks very poor english.

This voice has haunted her for just under 5000 years.
Her body moves the violet orbs no longer take in the gardens surrounding her and the party noise is no this is something else, this is somthing darker morbid even clutching at her shoulder as pains from the reptive past ecchoing there.

 The walls are blue and painted with too complex of Hyroglyphs for the creature to read, yet she knows instatly where she is. 
The beautiful smile is taken from her scarred face it is replaced by something dark something that can't be comprehended is an actual expression.

Her eyes have not seen the same walls since they were truly eyes full of green pigment with dark skin and and hair that was braided with lapis  jewels and dried flowers.

"Re Hetep ana Baka." Without realizing it she's praying to the sun god in her native tongue to give her soul peace.

Her body shifts and shines with lack of pigment as she begins to circle around a huge towering fully painted Hathor pilon.

A smooth Alabaster hand touches the stone hieroglyphs that are beaming bright blue at her.
The creature has to stop the emotion from swelling inside of her chest as her hand strokes across the polished smooth stone.
The only thing that could ever muster any kind of humanity inside of her was the Temple of the Neteru .
It had been too long since Kretari had seen their wonders their powers what they were capable of and by God that was more terrifying than she was.

The ancient creatures insides are rolling around within herself as Kretari lookes up to see the four faces of the goddess.
The statues still had smooth polish and paint with detailed features so that the goddess looked realistic like she was beaming down with so much love upon the disgusting sinful creature it almost hurt.

This happens in moments and flashes.
(when someone has been forced to go on for eons they can learn how to slow down time for fragments.)

Immediately Kretari turns around and presses her back to the stone, the violet words taken everything around her as she sees the monster who turned her into what she is.

He wasn't dressed like a pharaoh the creature began to block any inner thoughts inside of her mind. The creature standing before her appeared to look younger yes even in modern-day clothes with a crop top haircut and a disgusting horrible smirk on his face.
He was older and more sinful and they both knew that for a fact.
It was almost as if he was mocking the futuristic times stuck in a goddamn Grateful Dead sweater and jeans.
This filled her with rage un deniable and uncontrollable rage.

How dare he mock everything my true Humanity used to stand for!
Another secret among the many the few trusted ones around her didn't know the time she had spent in the early 70s to early 2000 stuck with the soul following all kinds of music in jam bands.

Those were peaceful times for her and the carnage had been severely cut back due to the way the music and change the way she saw Mortals in life. That fact had stayed true for quite some time until the crash of humanity within a a few centries.

Even Kretari had not witnessed a civilization rapidly decline since the invention of Technology.
Perhaps the thing that enraged her the most was the fact that he looked like someone who was normal when he was the man. No vile scourge who had made her what she was, terrorized her, and killed her family.

Just as quickly as time had shifted around her it begins to shift again and worp  back into the reality she has come to known.

By fu*ing Christ what was that something out of a fu*ing King novel? Once again she can see the many lemon trees that have been so carefully planted outside of the remaining temple Shu.

The carefully fresh established statues of the Gods stretching his arms Out full of fresh lotus flowers from the festival. The tension inside of her releases as the creatures Violet orbs taking the familiar surroundings of torch light and people drinking.

A very warm strong hand is on her shoulder so she turns her chin to see who it is she already knows she knows the smell all too well and the way that he breathes.
The Familiar warm face Smiles at her with a concerned worry hidden behind it.

He's never been good at having a poker face from her despite what he thinks and it is now a very calculated dimpled smile she shows him.
Warm yet dark navy blue eyes, sophisticated refined face of age and wisdom that held that youthful glow. Her left arm reached out and fixed a tough of brown hair that was stuck in the wrong place.

It was now his voice speaking the damn echo of words as the past and the future began harmonizing like sticky rubber bands.
"Ya ah better enjoy this while you can." 

I don't know if that's less creepy because it's your handsome voice saying that or not but I'm not sure I enjoy it either way.
"What could that possibly mean sir?"
The creature used very calculated precision as she rose a perfectly groomed brow in his direction. The voice dripping bemused sarcasm.

"Relax didn't mean anythin by it I just mean once this whole thing gets started you're not going to have a moment to yourself is all."

The carefully painted lips caress his cheek as she Pats his shoulder and gives him a gleeful beaming smile changed from the fake dimpled one that had hidden what her eyes had seen moments before.

" If you keep sneaking up on me the way you do you're eventually not going to have any moments to yourself." 
Her voice shifts back to the beautiful thick ancient accent but she is still teasing him.
The heavy beads of her dress beneath the sheer fine fabric of the gown make music as she gives him a soft innocent little shrug. The navy blue eyes of the man role at her and he pushes her slightly with his left shoulder and she begins to give a soft giggle.

"Why don't you do me a favor and go get settled in?" The creature's head turned to look behind them out off into the distance.
"I've got one little business matter to attend to before I can start this little ritual of mine"
She wasn't looking at him not anymore the violet orbs are now focused far past the temples and the gardens.

Something was there out in the distance that had to be dealt with just off of the Nile, business she refused to put someone she loved involved in.
"You Tryin to be rid of me?" Her head quickly whips back around at him and she Narrows The Violet orbs that replace her eyes at him.

Both of the creatures Arms Reach forward and grab his bicep as she gives him and alluring glance before looking back away towards the Nile.
"Honey you are the only one I think I can stand among everything here tonight, just settle in and wait for me and tell them to keep stalling if I'm a little late."
Kretari doesn't have to see his face to know that he is now scowling and sighing softly under his breath.
"Just like you to have to start even somethin like this off with a big entrance isn't it?" Yet it's only love that beams in that familiar crisp voice.

To be continued because one I love leaving Cliffhangers they drive me insane. Secondly because I haven't had time to actually sort out the ritual yet that part is coming next I promised my life has just blown up the past few weeks thanks for any of the weirdos who enjoy reading my crap you're all appreciated and thanks to Addere for letting me continue to post  even though it was for originally roleplay.

Post #5 Subject: And new part as promised Posted at: January 16 2020, 1:52:30 am

Puns Lady Pharaoh [326]

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buckle up sweethearts this is an acurate chapter mild horror this is my FAIR warning no ones real soul has been harmed in the making of this  after all


Year 2420


 June on calender the start of Ahket [June to Sept]

Holy is the Lady manifested by the god Re to salvate the lands.

The redemed creature made queen.

The Violet orbs that replace the creatures eyes narrow at the man whose face is suddenly shows the expression and stories of a man who knows he's spoken out of turn (but isn't too worried)

" I shalll return on time hurry please."
The mans suit seems to flash in the torchlight as he holds the creatures alabaster toned right hand in both of his,a brief moment before parting.

 It is at this point that the creatures mind begins to turn dark once more you do not need to see what I am about to have to do.
The surrounding festivities and Mortals deep in celebration seem to become a distant swirling pool of fragmented color around her as she shifts and closes in upon the Nile.

For her entire existence the Nile had been the one thing she could rely on and turn to, the goddess responsible for keeping its waters moving was honest and reliable like coming home to an old friend.

Yet it had been for some time that she had to close off the communication wavelength to the Gods in the duat, the pesky little worthless thing she could call a soul responsible for that.

The colors around her that had been moments before only fragments of Van Gogh like painting around her entire universe dull out and fade away.

Replacing them now is Hathors beautiful Milky Way its studded vibrance reminds her of the time that seems to be in a loop.
Ancient Egypt 5400 years ago had been full of Splendor just like nights like this. People had thought differently and even the pyramids were sources for batteries that emitted out free energy; and it never clouded up the stars now, that humans  didn't have any kind of advanced technology or power the stars were brighter than even then.

The luscious Nile side smells like mud bank and soft distant musky lotus flowers. Surviving animals could be smelled here too at least they hadn't been harmed too much in all of the destruction.

The only beauty of the universe that she could honestly seem to grasp was the life that seemed to be within ecosystems like this, no mortals to taint it.

She's arrived before the party and is slightly annoyed at the timing. Yet off in the distance she can smell a slight rush of golden Immortal blood, and something else yes this part is fear.

Alright push the sighting of Kahfre from youre mind only momentarily, its a self hating thought as her stomach roils inside.

It takes them some slight distance to drag the large body who is fighting them against the Sands and into the muddy river bank.
Now that they all stand before the creature in the three men are very distinguishable.

Phillo the six foot two 320 lb Sorry exuse of a mortal covered in his own piss and blood.
When his face wasn't swollen from beatings you could almost say he looked like Danny Glover in a pale way with  blood to hide most of the many tattoos covering his arms.

No doubt before the final war that had crashed humanity he had probably thought that he was some kind of tribal loving hero, and now standing before her being a betrayer she felt even more outrage than earlier.

The issue with hatred is it starts out as a stone but over time becomes a bubbling festering  rot that can sometimes be hard to control.
The Immortal that is pinning down the man covered  in piss by his right shoulder in the muddy sand by the riverbank is someone she knows very well and even trusts.

The nuclear chemist that she had once turned into an immortal that went by Nibble. He had been someone within her husband's clothes circle that she could at least trust to turn from the Original Puns gang.
I truly do miss those simpler times sometimes Nibble and I'm very sorry I have to involve you in this. Part of Kretari wished he could hear the apology within her mind and in her consciousness.

The immortal who was on the right could have been seen as a baby only been turned for a few days, yet the creature knows if he is here it's someone the old chemists trusts.

Nibble is a bald man though its hidden under a trade mark black fedora that makes The creature smirk. Hes in all black suiting the occasion and has a cut in his lower lip and has fragments of gold blood in his red tinted beard.

The stranger has long Savant worthy hair and a very trimed beard hes aslo in a suit and has a gash on the side of his forehead.
"What happened youre late?" A perfectly groomed and calculated eyebrow flicks in anyonce and the sarcasm dripping in her voice is distinguishable "You know I always say all a man has in this world is his word of Honor."

The Mortal that is pinned before  her in the tries to speak in his mouth is too swollen. "He fought back a little oh Great Pharaoh."

The Violet orbs now become deadly as she sneers at the stanger. "I didnt ask you." The words now lose all luster of amusemt and hold the musical ancient apeal once more.

Nibble clears his throat a bit "You may say it but youre king Punisher taught it to you."

Kretari clears her own throat in discomfort at the satement and nodded over to the stranger.
"Whos the freshie?" The term for newborns made Nibble cringle a little as he looked over at the man with the savaunt like hair.

"Clarka, he can be trusted to carry the body back to the gang while I chaperone you to the festival Great Lady Pharaoh."

At the word body the mortal named Phillo began to try to fight the two men coagilated blood cloods pouring from the swollen mouth.

"Crikey Moses Nibs you could have left his jaw a little encact so he could awnswer me." Its a soft ripple of pleasure dripping from the creatures voice as she smiles down at the bleeding man.

"He wouldnt talk had to toss him up a little or no one else in the gang will respect me." Kretari's head tilits to the right as she thinks this over.

Hes not wrong, so I cant lecture him too badly at least he brought this Gent Clarka and not Punisher. Its a dull thought throbing in the back of her skull like a headache.

Kretari leans down to hold the broken mans jaw in her pale left hand, the matalic and hot blood throbs within his jaw as the creature takes phillo's screaming flesh to lift him from the muddbank like an old half empty sack of flower.

"You betrayed my king, his trust and his kindness… Punni oh he is forgiving me not so much." A sick little grin overtakes the corners of her mouth as she says this lughing down at Phillos broken body.

Whats left if the mans eyes swell and fog up with fear,she could smell fragments of the past on his mortal flesh.
Nibble had taken a tire iron to the poor lad while Clarka had held him down trying to force information out of him. He had begged him for his life yet refused to name the rat who had been suppling the drugs to the inner cirlcle of the gangs.

"You know, Phillo I can tase youre truths in that blood of youres." The creature lifts Phillo by his jaw slightly just to drop him down back in a harsh manner leaving him crying out with broken agony in the mudd from the Nile.

"Perhaps if you could have kept some kind of truth within that pathetic little body of yours we wouldn't be having this little meeting would we?"
Kretari then lifted her hand and licked a bloody painted nail.

Closing her violet orbs memories swirl in her thrid eyes mind untill they flick back over at Nibble and Clarka who are both standing hands in suit pockets.
"It was Esmerelda she's getting her suppies from the lands in Cannan from some outside souces she will need to be delt with after my cermony."

Leaning down the creature places her hands on the bruised shoulders of the man Phillo.
"You will stand as a tesomant to my rein do not try to ice skate uphill." In a fast flash the creatures hand plunged into the mans chest whom screamed out in bitter pain as she crushed the fragile heart within her hand. Hot blood began to poor out around her feet as she let the body fall lifeless into the mudd.

"Shame on him, It took my sister two hours to paint my nails tonight." Shes sighing very sofly and shaking her head at her own statement.

Kretari ignored the look of abect terrior on Clarka's face as she began to use the Nile water to clean her hands of the now dead mans blood. Nibble clears his throat hes much more attuned to her fits of violence. "Clarka I trust you to drop his body somewhere he will tell the other members not to make his mistakes " careful venom had been placed in the word his.

The rather well-dressed and beautiful man begins to rub the cut upon his forehead the gold blood mixing in with his pale skin.
"Yes sir."  With this being said the immortal can now easily pick up the dead man and sling him over his shoulder slowly tracking off with human-like pace.

As his form began to disappear and melt into the backround of the Niles riverbank edge The creature of a Lady Pharaoh turned to her old friend.
Beaming at him untill she had  dimples even showing under her High cheekbones.

" I've been around for  over 5,000 years how do you know I didn't know that saying before my King Punisher?" Her arm now slips over his bicep in a friendly manner as they begin to trek through the sands back to the temples that are lit up in the distance.

 A soft chuckle can be heard from Nibble he seems to still have a lot of Old English accent even though he's been in immortal creature for a few hundred years. Hes rubbing his red beard hair as he ponders outloud softly.

" I've known him just slightly longer than you he's taught me all of the patients he's taught you although I think I hold my anger better."

The creature pretended to suck in a gasp of alarm and rolled her Violet orbs in his direction as they begin to scoot even closer to the far-off temple.

" I hate to break it to you but I've lived too long to have this kind of sympathy you and him have for these mortals, you forget I know the true human nature."

In truth the creature did feel slightly bad for having to kill someone her husband did have  hope for and love but a betrayer was a betrayer and she wasn't going to have filthy rats among her people. This was something she couldn't afford to have around with the way that Civilization had been crumbling around her and she seemed to be the only hope for the surrounding lands of Egypt. Let alone the only hope for the people around her that needed some kind of salvation and guidance into some other life that would make them survive.

Even in the time of Akhenaten in Aket- aten she had not seen such desperation to survive and confusion from The Mortals they truly did not know how to function since the crash of technology or even grow their own food which was sad because humans had always been able to take care of themselves until just recently.

In truth, Kretari would have much preferred to not have to even deal with The Mortals but  ancient creatures such as herself could not survive without Mortals their souls and their blood is what would keep her from rotting out.

" He suspected you were going to get rid of some rat's tonight he pulled me aside and said if you were going to do anything stupid without him to make sure to protect you."

The creature lets out a soft giggle that almost sounds as musical as the ancient luster within her accent "Me need protecting? I think he forgets who and what I am sometimes."

Nibblle wiggled around the bicep that she held as they begin to walk underneath a Archway and into the overcrowded festivities of drunk Mortals.

" Trust me my Great Lady Pharaoh he doesn't forget that's exactly why he makes sure you're taking care of even when you think he's not watching."

Kretari turned away and pulled her hand from his bicep fixing the crown that's so resembled Nefertiti's upon her head so that it was a little slightly straighter.

"Well now it is your turn to return the favor to me and go sit with him and make sure that he's alright while I have to do this ritual I'm not exactly sure how all of the Mortals will take what they're going to see."

Nibble took off the signature trademark  fedora as he gave her a self-indulgent smirk and bowed to her in a very low manner before placing the fedora back on his bald head. The image of him quickly faded away from her as everything around her begins to look like Van Gogh fragments again until they dulled down in the inner sanctum of the lavender field Within the Gardens of The Temple. A heavily pregnant cow was staring at her with brown eyes and gives her a long "moo."

A few slightly drunker then the rest Mortals could be heard crying out with slight shock as she appeared before them as moments before she had not been seen walking up to the cow. Yet here she is now with her Alabaster flesh like hands that are cold petting the long haired brown cow sweetly.

The cows big brown eyes seem to know what is coming and the surrounding priestesses of the god Shu immediately begin to drum intensley away and play the harps as they notice her.

It's almost like the hush before a huge rain storm the way that The Mortals begin to die down to the Priestess music the creature lifts her chin and raises her arms to the god.

With a voice that shows just how inhuman she is she begins to trill up in a jaybird like song ancient kemetic words that have not been heard by the ears of people in over a millennia.

With each repeated line the drums and sitrums in the background from the Priestess is trilling up and repeating her words seem to become intensified.
This happens to the point that the heart accompanying the many priestesses playing can no longer be heard over its noise.

"A Shu x5 

Un Nefert tattia 

Hattia em ba ka em et Shu. 

A Shu ×5 

Djed em hattia Shu 

Merit anat Neteru. 

Tua Shu x 2 

Nehmes em Hotep 

Tua shu ×2 "

As the ancient creature sings the words to the god of wind within the lavender field full of statues her hands that are petting the cow release from it.

The brown cow is now lifted in the air with glowing golden eyes mooing out in subtle boredom.
The creatures hands lift and as she speaks the final two lines repeatedly in the order that they are meant the cow that is suspended in the air explodes with in the air and turns into thousands of tiny diamonds that begin to fall to the ground of the lavender pasture.

The creatures Violet orbs turn a solid dark black and her face begins to vein over she could hear passive screams of shock.
As the creature crumples to her knees she can register that the screams of shock are now cheering and clapping and toasting to the miracle that they have just seen.

To be continued this chapter was dedicated to my friend, my brother, and my hero .

3/17/81 to  1/10/2020 I guess you and James finally get to fight over that stupid fucking rope again huh?

perhaps a lot of my pent  up feelings were written in this chapter more wonders coming soon.

A special thank you to those who have stuck by me through it.

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He would have loved this. I love it it was great
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Year 2889 BC.

Year of the Aphophis God of death and immortality.

He who speaks the Worldy snake in the dark.

He whom drags prey in dreams .

 God of Egypt.


 June on calender the start of Ahket [June to Sept]

   Nightmares are so often the things that terriorize; in the dark when we close our eyes what haunts us?
It's always somthing no creature is without a weakness.

The creature kretari lay in rags violet orbs taking in the fragmented blue light of the walls around her.
Dried gold copper like blood lay on the ragged dress that clung over her overly skinny frame the peak of the celing is overcast and dimlit ; a brighter blue that seems to drown her in pain.

Now that shes coherent Kretari flinctes away from it.
Cracking her neck Kretari starts to pull on the chains holding her upright she places her bruised forhead agaisnt them.
Whispering curses to the Neteru in pain as she tries to stay upright.
Sighing untill lines crease her unscared face pain washes over her being.

Like a blessing from the Neteru a flash of black pitch sorounds her, screaming out she pulls even harder.

Had it been yet another hallucination?

The thought is almost too loud to withstand like a copper penny burned up in chloric acid.
Kretari tries to picture that handsome face and can't its gone in a shroud of blurred memory, memory is a sinful thing.

Kretari tries to take in everything around her gasping with relief from being freed of the pain from the electriy of Khafre's pyramid.

That is where you are…. No Punisher to save you here , no Neterudamed man with a tie and smile.
No… she was insane … the hallucinations from kahfre's tortures must have been at an alltime low.

Inner thoughts attack her being in the in pain releaving dark, tears stream fron the violet orbs that once held beautiful green cat eyes.
The chains that hold The Creature are now weak, taking the window of opportunity she has she pulls on the chain and breaks them. 

A small surge of lightning begins to wrap itself around her palms like the inner workings of DNA and an unintended consequence of the controlling chains magic hold over her body.

The brands of magic like blue metal fragment and breaksending rays of electric pulses throughout the pyramid Kretari has been subjected too.

A large growl from that black depth.

Then somthing painful.

" On we go now."

Its him! That painful forced hand when she wont listen. Slightly wrinkled and scarred up from countless wars when stuck in the military as a mortal;

The Punisher invaded the darkness within her surroundings.

Kretari could  see the suspenders in the darkness, hes not in a suit  she thinks softly still trying to grip reality from fiction no longer under eletric strain.

Its an angry voice that resonds back and nothing is in words.

No quite in fact you put me in them my minx; now why are we locked in youre head?

Utter shock sends a painful ripple in her spine.
"Haddi skem?" The creature  tries to speak outloud to him and its forced in Kemet like shes forgotten his tounge he knows her too well; his maker .

"Ive always got a Gun, tell me minx this 'here he kept you in the ancient times when a monster still?"
In response she heard the clicking of some over fancifed assualt machine of some sort.

" I have been stuck here, You have the face of my dead husband, imaginary not not real."
A dark chuckle comes from the well spoken man with a thick accent.

Immortal and still too trusting on mortal weapons the comfort....
maybe hes real rushes in though shed rather see him in a skull painted black suit in a time like this.

"Got it all 'rong there minx, guns just add fun!" 

The Punisher moves in to kiss The Creature forggeting how captivating her face had been held by the powers before he had scarred it.( Before he had given her a chance.)

"Im no imaginary thing now, you in a bad dream I'll get you out promise."

Kretari's eyes narrow angrly at him but its working shes lauging now and hard, not the musical song thats used to subdue those around her.
Perhaps hes hoping if he can distract her she will come back to the land of living from angry shadows, his smell is so familiar that in almost tears her insides apart.

A hand touches the small of her back the same muscled hand that only comes from the wisdom of age even though she's technically much older.
"Can you 'me back now, you know I love a good fight but this place scares me."

Kretari takes in every measure of his handsome overlined with worry face she always tries to overlook the dark blue eyes sucking in her breath.

"I cannot have a hallucination hold me back I must kill him!" a bolt of lighting sends this armed man to his knees crying out in pain from a shock that could have killed three grown men.

As The Punisher drops to the floor its in agony and cursing her own dark mind, yet she hears him thank the gods she's made him immortal as well.

The Creature pulls away from him falling to the floor on her back crawling away from the body.

"What is real?"

Kretari demands to him as He looks to the top of the pyramid sucking in air despratley.

"You kno … that hurt , and I spend over thirty mintues trying to break that powersource to find you."

The violet orbs blink rapidly around.

"You can, cant you…" The man hooks his gun into his hip and begins to crawl to her;


His voice refects perfect kemet even though if it had been at the compound he would have pretened to not be able to speak it.

"Anat where int 'on home now I aint leaving with out you."

 He reaches out and pulls at her jaw with a immortal force  as he speaks a kemetic atonement, only somthing shes personaly made could out match her in power (perhaps even outmatch.)

His lips  that resemble thick honey brush over her pulsing ones it sends waves of pain in his vesseil the world around them begins to pop, and bend and the pain well worth it.

Year 2420


 June on calender the start of Ahket [June to Sept]

Holy is the Lady manifested by the god re to salvate the lands.

The redemed creature made queen.

As the world begins to come back into reality around The Creature her surroundings are back to the festivities and diamonds covering the ground.

In this parallel world that she has known as her reality. His lips are still brushing against hers only now, she has complete control over the electric waves controlling and pulsing through her body.

"Back in the land of the livin."

The Punishers dark handsome voice seems to beam with relief as he tries to rest his oversized forehead upon hers with her pesky crown in the way he can only manage this halfway.

A genuine smile steals his lips as he gazes at her full horror on her own face.
Kretari can see the concern on the  faces of her children from just behind him in the crowd whispering to Nibble.

 The over intoxicated Mortals stuck in the rhythm of cellabration who could care less if she's on the floor still seem to be enriched by the kemetic Priestess drumming and freshly and scattered upon diamonds giving the God's blessings upon a successful ritual.

 It's with the same almost scary force that The Punisher who is now back in his dashing suit grippes her arm so that she can hear him whisper gruffly into her ear.

"Noiw you wanna tell me how long that has been going on?" The way he's asking his wife this question almost hints that it's a command not a question at all yet still has a questioning tone to it confusing the creature.

Kretari purrs in his ear  as she forces them up on their feet.
" Hear no evil, See no evil,Speak no evil."

It's the only response he gets as she kisses his chin and then pulls away from him, The drumming and cheering now intensifies around them.
Almost uncontrollable rage can be felt from behind her that kind of Aura teasing away at her practically daring her to do something in front of everyone.

For every two steps he makes she could have made six and he's by her side within seconds.
At this Kretari almost regrets the fact, he's a former soldier.

"You could hear my thoughts and I cant tell if we got stuck in youre head or got pulled back."

I love this man so much; But why does he have the need to think he gets the right to my most interpersonal thoughts when I can barely get a response out of him half of the time ?
Now that she has more control over her personal thoughts Kretari knows she's definitely not in an  hallucination and maybe she's being pulled into the past.

Even if it was it's not something she can openly the speak about with her King not here.
" We have to speak on this later, we don't have the time or the room."
At this the creature can detect a soft growl underneath his breath something he would let anyone else but her hear.

But the anger is immediately wiped off of his face as the two twins approach them.
The boy is stocky and shares his father's features and face. A long rigid nose overcast ears in a very muscular frame , His lilac toned eyes are hidden by Tufts of brown hair and he seldom looks anyone in the eye.

His twin counterpart with rolling brunette curls that could have held the ocean secrets in them Don't hide her long nose, pointed chin, almond-shaped or navy blue eyes.

"Have you both seen Felix Or Ahems?" A slight resentment can be seen in the female's eyes that hides and anger as her siblings are mentioned.

" You mean the favorite and the Stray? Yeah, they're out by the lotus flower pool talking with the Goddess friend of yours."

The girl speaking does so with a cool happy tone as if she hasnt spoken an insult to her siblings outloud, yet the sweet mannered boy she can count on to change the subject speaks softly sounding more like her then his father yet carries his words just like The Punisher.

"Mawat , Can I steal a dance before Abi?" 
The young boys lilac eyes narrow as he looks his mother directly in the eyes Indicating he's desperate for a moment alone.

Kretari turns to her husband hes got his best poker face on around the children but they both know better, Its with out having to ask he resonds for her
"Go on I'll walk with Lavi to find the other two shortli."

The Punisher reaches over to lean and kiss the pink scarred flesh of the creature still casuing a slight flesh of her skin.

Okay to be continued at a later date. I have something big planned for the next chapter. So please be patient as It's going to take some time to fully piece together exactly how I want.
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It was awesome. My favorite part is when you started to bring my siblings and I into it

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