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Post #1 Subject: All female GANG Posted at: January 24 2020, 2:33:02 pm

Puns VioletEyed Minx Donator Gender: Female

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It has come to my attention not enough females here own their women power.! Tired of Life tired of being taken as a joke? Welcome to Violet's Asylum for Wayward Victorian girls where Hot, homicidal and slightly crazy.( but we don't suffer from madness no we quite enjoy it!)

If you don't have a place to belong or people you can trust come to me I want everyone in my little circle to be very close and be able to help each other grow within the game as well as my humble little gang so if you're a girl who wants to own her woman power and work as a team come join us we even have tea ;) and there may or may not be competitions in my gang forms once I get my full five female members so give us try ladies ?

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