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Post #1 Subject: a place for the few role players Posted at: August 28 2020, 5:40:54 pm

Veronica Violet Mars [326]

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SO no one role plays here anymore… Id love to change that – so I'm making a role play bio and hope a few others would like to Join in make their own and bring some life back to this part of forms.

The creatures top three songs that say who she is and what she’s like

&65323;&65362;&65349;&65364;&65345;&65362;&65353;=&65334;&65353;&65359;&65356;&65349;&65364; &65317;&65369;&65349;&65363;.
I am like sour candy.
You either LOVE ME
or you HATE ME.
With no real in between.


It is said that when she walks into a room every eye looks upon her no matter what their age race, species, or gender.
She is very thin and curvy at only 5/6 her eyes have to make up for her lack of height.
She can control things even animals with just a smile and a pretty little bat of her eyelashes.
Her voice is said to drip with honey and soothe anyone who hears it.
She has a thick Egyptian accent even though 5000 years has passed.
Her face is graceful, and her attitude speaks for itself.
She was known for spreading the plagues ( especially the one on Neferit'is Aket Aten for what the royal couple did to religion)
She is known for the creation of the breeds of vampires and killing her maker.
Fear was not a word humans knew of before Kretari escaped the Pyramid she was enslaved in and spread torture upon humanity.
When her fangs come out for bottoms have four Razor edges, the tops the classical two pointed teeth.
And her eyes glow when she is feasting.

NeferTem Iteru Keka (birth name pure soul rising from the Nile Lily)
Ta mui (female cat)
Mui Sher (Pharaoh's pet name for stunning cat)
NEFERKeka(queen name beautiful pure soul)
Kretari ( peoples name for the monster violet-eyes)
Called Violet eyes by the many humans who have seen her evil torture over the past few thousand years.
Her hair is white , skin translucent pale and eyes violet all due to Khafre's curse.
Former slave
Queen of Djedefre's Egypt.
Queen of Egypt for a short time while her husband completed his pyramid off-site from the others.
his younger brother was cursed by a priestess whose daughter he killed.
He was jealous of her and wanted her when she wouldn't be with him he forcibly killed her family making her watch then made her what he was the second in creation.
He locked her in the tomb with her brother until the starvation of the curse made her tear him limb from limb and eat him.


As the child she wore the finest clothes her father could provide as a vizier of pharaoh.
As a slave torn rags showing all of her scars and bruises from the torture of the slave masters and hard labor.
As Pharaoh son servant she wore gray plain rags with a gold color marking her as a servant.
As Djedefre's queen the most luxurious stunning dresses that Pharaoh could afford with lots of jewelry covered in it.

Side note can smoke anyone under the table she loves herbs and Tripps

She has the Kenti blade one of the god Ra's most powerful weapons.
She can pull it from the realm of the Duat into hers it changes shape and is a blade is to be reckoned with.
This is thanks to her blood of the gods.
She can also take flight by her wings and use them to injure.
Daughter to Ra and Bast

Her Ma’at pectoral her maker used to control her is turned into a weapon and armor she turned it into such when she killed him and freed herself from the Electro shock of His pyramid in Kemet.
Gaboon viper was used when making her the second vampire in creation.
At first she hated it because it changed her black hair pale white.
Once green eyes full of life to a vibrant violet.
Her dark olive skin to transparent pale.
but it would soon be her shield from the world and her motivation to become a heartless monster that would turn off her humanity from having killed her only living family member to survive from the hunger and starvation of the curse.
Compulsion with the control of her eyes.
Seduction with a control of her eyes.
The ability to swim underwater with a tail.
Able to eat and drink blood / human flesh.
Sonic speed.
Healing blood.
Control over lightning/lightning hands.
Is able to withstand sunlight but will get sick if is in it too long.
while stakes paralyze her they will not kill her and if her head is cut off or she loses a limb it will reattach.
Hidden Powers you will have to see for yourself.

Mother of pharaoh Djedefre's children.
They fell in love as children but when her mother stole from Pharaoh she was enslaved his son did everything to free her from slavery even murdering the current Pharaoh so he could become one and make her his Queen to save Egypt's destruction from a tyrant.
She served the god Shu in his temples and was a revered Queen.
From slave to Queen she was humbled beautiful and kind.

Her present word
5000 years in her traumas still haunt her.
Unspeakable tortures the memory of watching her children and beloved die.
The memory of her brothers disheveled torn apart body as she fed off of him to save her own life due to her curse.
She is cruel cold and lets the memories drive her and her tortures of humankind.
she has grown to love the white hair in violet eyes caused by her curse.
Some day she will use Blades Cure to become human once more and die in peace when the time is right: taking Her making down with her human blood taking them both from the world forever.
She is beloved of Neteru and restored.
THE END thanks for reading.

Post #2 Subject: Posted at: October 10 2020, 5:17:29 pm

Godzilla [198]

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Godzilla the current alpha of the titans is one of the 17 known titans that protect the planet even if it's from a fellow titan like ghidorah with mortha the queen of the monsters and several others like rodan and kong just name a couple if any role players have seen Godzilla king of the monsters or the old Godzilla movies I'll be happy to role play with anyone

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