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Post #1 Subject: Range of price plan's available! Posted at: September 28 2020, 11:27:28 am

Cheese [8]

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So I know I'm jumping the gun a bit here, but I'll be renting out the House of Administration as soon as it's available and would like to gauge interest This time around I'll have a number of tiers available to choose from, depending on your budget:


On top of this, the first person to a) confirm below and in mail they would like the monthly rate and b) is able to send payment upfront will also get 1 week’s rent for free! this offer applies to the monthly rate only, I won’t be taking pre-booking’s for the other tiers to avoid double-booking, and the offer also expires if no one claims it before the house is unlocked Also remember that marrying someone and splitting the rent costs will effectively half these prices for each party, meaning you can get a month of training in the HoA for just over 4b!

*To make payment’s uniform throughout the year, a month is calculated using 365/12 = 30.4 days. For those wishing to book multiple months, a recurring payment date will be arranged.

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