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Post #1 Subject: Posted at: October 4 2020, 1:31:48 am

xRustyZombie [469]

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I've been away for a few months and only have logged on long enough to have my account deleted. When I was last active there was an option to vote for Chaotic Wars and get exchange points for various things. Now, however I can't find the option to vote for this website. I know there's been a lot of updates since then but I couldn't find anything about it. I mostly used use the points for IQ since it's the hardest Stat to level.

To shorten the long post above what I'm asking is 1) Has voting for CW been removed and 2)how do I go about leveling IQ now?

Thanks for your time reading this, I do greatly appreciate it.
Post #2 Subject: Posted at: October 4 2020, 3:57:46 am

Tatsumaki [391]

Rank: #5 Rookie
Posts: 38

You may exchange crystals for IQ, and you can also get IQ from boxes- and I believe from Treasure Chests too.
Post #3 Subject: Posted at: October 4 2020, 11:35:30 am

Cheese [8]

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Hey RustyZombie, firstly welcome back, I hope we can keep you playing more actively this time around. To answer your questions:

1) Unfortunately voting was removed from the site a few months ago, as it was determined that voting itself was doing very little to attract new members nowadays. to compensate for this drop in income to players, the lucky boxes outcomes were beefed up, so if you are active each hour and open your boxes consistently you will actually make more per day than voting supplied.

2) Tatsumaki already answered this but just to elaborate, the fastest way to gain IQ now is to trade crystals in the Trade Center, and thanks to the increased crystal outcomes in boxes you should be able to level up your IQ pretty consistently per day still.

Hope that clears things up for you, feel free to reply here or message me in-game in you have anything else you'd like updating on :)
Post #4 Subject: Posted at: October 5 2020, 1:51:46 am

xRustyZombie [469]

Rank: #1 Absolute Newbie
Posts: 2

Thank you for clearing that up for me and again I really do appreciate the time it took you to reply!

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