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Post #1 Subject: Idea for Safe Cracker Posted at: March 29 2021, 10:31:16 pm

Eyyybaby [14]

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Because Safe Cracker is a weekly event and also a good source of commodities it should feel more engaging and furthermore should have a failure state.
My Idea is to change Safe Cracker to a 3 phase event with the risk of failure in each phase. I would also suggest renaming Safe Cracker to bank heist or something along those lines.

I believe this weekly event should be timed meaning the faster it is completed the bigger the rewards.

Phase 1 : Taking out security. This could be a series of NPC Fights. The better the users stats and weaponry the faster this phase is completed.

Phase 2: Hacking the security doors to the vault room. A mini game with lets say 3 chances to hack the door otherwise a failure state is triggered and it’s game over for that week.

I think this phase should have rare donator items like a “stolen keycards” to bypass the mini game bettering the players overall completion time.

Phase 3: Cracking the vault. Same mechanics as the current safe cracker but a 2-3 minute time limit triggering the failure state when the timer hits 0.

I think this phase could see the use of donator items too like safety deposit box keys not to bypass the code cracking mechanic but to add a small increase in loot at the end.

Additional information: Players could choose different banks / vaults / whatever to hit each one being a different difficulty.

Post #2 Subject: Posted at: March 29 2021, 11:07:12 pm

The Perfect Soldier [246]

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Disagree, it’s fine as it is.
Post #3 Subject: Posted at: March 30 2021, 12:52:26 am

Seti [336]

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I agree it's a little too easy to do as you can crack the safe with the process of elimination.

I disagree with the name as we already have a Bank Heist. What you're suggesting seems more like a "Missions" kind of mod for the game? Adding different items and all the steps taken etc.

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