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Post #1 Subject: What doing? Posted at: November 1 2021, 9:05:01 am

BenJonesPerson [306]

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What's the game like?
Post #2 Subject: Posted at: November 1 2021, 9:15:08 am

Chelsea [61]

Rank: #6 Average
Posts: 51

Hey the game is really addictive & lots of new & long time players.

I'm currently offering to help new players get to level 10,000. Send me a message :)
Post #3 Subject: Posted at: November 1 2021, 1:02:52 pm

AHappyTRex [190]

Rank: #5 Rookie
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What\'s the game like?

Addictive with a lot of friendly, active players, come chat in the chat room linked at the top of the page and in the bottom right, people always willing to help when needed, so if you have any questions or problems, feel free to message a member of Staff, also, I highly recommend that you read the Tutorial located at the bottom left of the page

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