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Post #1 Subject: This is for non game rants Posted at: September 4 2022, 2:49:04 pm

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This seems like the most respectful place to say this...

Everyone is gonna think I am an asshole for this one. Might as well place the dunce cap on my head now teacher... teacher.

I warned you before you finished reading this.

There's all this money; anti war funds and nuclear threats fear all being pounded out our butts with Russia and Ukraine not to mention outrageous gas prices
( petrol for you fancy folks)

But the even more hard pressing questions.

Where was all this money when Yeonmi Park first went to the states telling her story from her country. No one held up North Korean flags in masses or prayed or did any about it. A country that you die in if you get caught trying leave.or like ya know even watching a movie like Tremors or A cartoon like The Little Mermaid. NOT TO mention what happens in China on the road to freedom.

What about any broken family in Yemen? Dave Smith has done years of trying to talk about facts and hard pressing issues.
There's been war over that area for years and years no one batted a eye then .

For God Sake PAKISTAN is underwater but the " Muslim " hate thanks to lack of education and media bullsit no one's cares about it. If anyone even took the time to read this I bet they're holding their hat to the chest going oh my god when did Pakistan go underwater ? it's a desert. Yup proves my point.

Vice land with Hati where mothers and children and hard woking men eat dirt cookies to survive and have very little to no way out other than things some one who's never slept on a bench very seldom thinks about.
Not to mention the vice president just assassinated the president making it look like the president fled the country and now the gangs have taken over like Sith Lords in a country that was already doing bad before the earthquake destroyed it more.

Let's talk ABOUT MY OWN TRIBE the Oglala Lakota where a peaceful protest to keep MORE OF THEM IN AMERICAS GOVERMENT off protected native to America pre America land. THEY took more protected sacred lands that where never supposed to be touched. The protest was to stop oil from being drilled where weapon less humans for weeks on end got horses killed in front of them. People of all ages pepper prayed and beaten going on for weeks into the cold months to be water boarded in negative degree weather. That's our land you already took so much and have made us almost extinct with genocide that still goes on today but nobody talks about. Youtube it . It's all on video

HEy... it's okay. It's okay. If they shoot each other its because there are vaccines in the bullets ... chill out man. Don't worry so much .

If a man sleeps out side its because he enjoys the stars right ? Don't be so nosey !

If cities fall and become homelessness encampments in once successful cites like Los Anges and or Seattle where for streets and streets they all camp. It's because they love to dance and play music in the streets like nomads right? So don't do something about it that's dramatic ~ que the violet eyed eye roll here ~

It also seems now that it's been a few weeks no one cares anymore funny how those band wagons work.
ending stament; How come it's only the nut jobs and meat heads like Joe Rogan, Duncan Trussel, Dave Smith Or Tim Pool that seem to talk about it then for what whatever reason get " canceled " all food for thought.

You can mail me if your too afraid to publicly respond to this. I love a good debate and need the energy!


Please. Don't read all that and say it's drama or political hate it is not. I am saying keep the same energy and compassion for years . Not just a week.

Post #2 Subject: Posted at: October 11 2022, 6:29:40 am

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18 plus .

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