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Post #1 Subject: come to chaotic Egypt. horror themed. Posted at: August 22 2020, 6:14:33 pm

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Dis claimer : This is also going to be a scary chapter enter at your own risk Ive posted some of this before – so If you read the old stuff well *shrugged* you know what your in for . ps sorry for taking so long to post I’ve had some things to revise and make so much better then before. 2020 has given me so many blessings when it comes to writing that is one thing small I can be thankful for.
I deeply Thank Felix and Ahmes for the idea I needed to fill a small gap and keep going on. After alI I made a commitment to placing my origins for violet eyes on here. Not much has changed Kretari’s story is still the same I’d say its even better infact. So enjoy … Im taking back to Waset in my own little way . To the past . doing her story from the start to end. Id say this is the warning you get. I write dark. But nothing too much. If your inta the macabre of things anyway.
! enjoy thanks for reading .

Tekh 3, of the month before wag :
In the time of she who riseth in the dawn with The Sun Disk Re and his majesty
Named for The lady Pharaohs’ before her.
A Shu x5
Un Nefert tattia
Hattia em ba ka em et Shu.
A Shu ×5
Djed em hattia Shu
Merit anat Neteru.
Tua Shu x 2
Nehmes em Hotep
Tua shu ×2

× 12 while burning Juniper and Lavender


Behold the God of wind Shu x5
The beautiful one who wears the crown.
Behold the god of wild Shu x5
The enduring one of my heart.
Beloved God of my heart.
In the adoration of Shu the God of wind ×2
Awake in peace
In the adoration of Shu the God of wind ×2

It is a soft day of Akhet during the flooding seasons, the priestess deep inside the Temples of Shu Prepared dried juniper berries along with sun - baked cinnamon from the distant land of Hati along with local fresh lavender bushels into bowls for burning.
The Lord Ra's sun is beginning to set over the large water surrounded temple of the God of wind and war, husband to the Goddess of Moisture.
The Female Pharaoh would visit tonight with feasting to pay her dues to the gods, Reket (commoners), and Priestess; the Lady lady Pharoah’s entourage would line up in the back gardens following the stone path around the large temple.
The back gardens may not have been as legendary for being as pleasing to the eye as that of Lady Hathors yet they had rare exotic flowers that only opened at night.
Lemon trees in neat proud rows surround a large statue of the God and manly beautiful man - made up next to feasting tables painted with ostrich feathers.

The particular Temple was surrounded by a square long deep moat that one would have to boat over to enter.
This would be sacrilege as the Priestess of Shu remained - Virgins and Only Married to the God - therefore only the God himself, The Priestess and the Pharaoh are allowed inside.

Weeks of preparation have led to this auspicious night of festival song and dance.
This was to ensure the winds would bring down the moisture from the clouds ensuring flood season would last the next three months; For the most part it had gone well!
Everyone had witnessed The Lady Pharaoh turn a pregnant cow into Diamonds to feed the people in the current times of plague among the lands.
Flowers, food as far as the eye could see ,
and the oil offering had to be the best of the year as to not ensue the wrath of the Neteru (The Gods) not a thing was out of its proud placement and even blue lotus flowers adorned the painted bars holding up the hanging shades .
Rows of lamps made the garden burst and dance with a new found light and warmth of love the air smelt of a coming rain and the smell of cinnamon burned in the massive bonfires to the sides to keep the air smelling fresh and warm. Even now time is only a rubber band, passing from one stage to the next.

Year 2420


June on calendar the start of Ahket [June to Sept]

Holy is the Lady manifested by the god re to salvate the lands.

The redeemed creature made queen.

Kretari resented the dark look on the lilac eyed man’s face her own violet orbs deflected away from them.

Her neck flashed from the gold as she turned her body west pulling the child off deeper into the rows of swaying bodies.

A smirk stole The Creature’s lips from herself placing her hands at her side.

"You do not dance Felix so why are we out here?" Kretari asked her son this question with a calm indignation.

The man now got a twisted look on his face as he pulled at the dark suit on his thick muscled frame.

Moving about his arms he reaches to hold his mother’s hands, his eyes fixated on the straight smooth stitching of the scar on her cheek.

"Mawat I had to pull you away to speak with you."

(He was now speaking in full kemetic but for you poor reader I shall and will dumb it down)

The violet orbs thinned a half smile compressed from the female pharaoh.

"Do you truly wish to speak of Godly affairs now Tetu ?"

The creature calls her child for what he is the Egyptian god of dreams, a Hellhound by nature;

It feels safe as they have a calculated dance.

It was hard to drown his words out from the swaying of the heartbeats, voices, singing , interments.

Life itself is a dance we can seldom enjoy Yet

Kretari enjoyed this conversation as the most interesting she had had in quite some time.

"You should not have gone through with it I tried to tell you when you, things to the Neteru with the mark you invite other things in."
The young man was shorter than his mother only by a few inches as his left hand to trace on her back and they began to swing into a friendly like dance.

Among the bobbing and slightly drunk swaying bodies they looked like a bobbing fish lower in an ocean of color.
The creature narrowed the orbs that replaced her eyes at her son now giving him a half smirking smile "I do not fear what may happen a dream or memory could hardly be a thing to kill me, if it was I'd be gone long by now."

He twisted her body in three circles as he tried to begin to explain what he meant and how it was so much more significant than just dreams.
Felix now looked The Creature deep in her violet orbs "No Mawat, it’s not that simple I am trying to tell you a time-"

Felix’s calculated sentence begin to fade away as The Creature senses begin to be played with. She found the world around her head once shifted yet again; instead of the surrounding party all she could hear was the subtle trickle of fish trying to jump all about in a Lotus pool.

The world around her was bright as the sun glared it out most of her view but she could smell him here, it was the subtle notes of sweat from a hard work overseeing in new site.

His hands were on the back of her neck and he was warm she could feel his heartbeat in his warmth.

An in human like scream erupted from her lips as she felt him nibble upon her earlobe and pushed away the memory forcing her mind back to the present.
Her chest ached with a sudden pain as that smell and light was ripped away from her minds eye: a cruel trick of her own heart.

Rage and terror exploded from Kretari , when her eyes fixated on the world around her everyone had Stop dancing staring at her in shock.

Felix lay on the floor sprawled baffled looking at her no longer, at the Pharaoh from over what seemed like thousands of years: Those years ago and her reality was finally normal.

Now it was the stern hands on the back of her neck, and the same warmth along the tendril of her spine as the same chronicity of time looped.

It was like a soft buzz in the air waiting to snap at The Creature.

It was Blades yet again

"I told you : you’re not made for this shit Angel." His dark arms had been covered in a very nice suit: His Day-Walker blade sat stern at his side. It was black and darker red : it helped with his whole stuck in the 90’s look.
Yet here among all the people he did pull it off: and his features shown kindness on her, Yes even he The Vampire killer: had betrayed his loved ones for her.
Once he had scared her face: A thing of the past never spoken of. Once what seemed like a life time ago She had even enjoyed Killing the washed down breed by his side.
A thing of the now for sure past: yet sometimes the two of them seemed they could skip back and forth on their own.
Violet orbs took in the familiar lines of his chocolate face as he began to pull her deeper within the crowd towards the feasting tables and the Thrones.

Felix was now standing and shouting for the Reket to go on about the party, and slowly things began to trickle to normal around them.

A dark hot shame was rising within the creature as a deep Scarlet blush covered the pale lines of her high cheekbones.
She leaned all of her body weight into her husband now and begin to inch closer to the tables before he helped her sit on the main throne.

"Dear." Blade tried to speak but The Creature silenced him by grabbing his hands and placing them in her lap motioning with her eyes that he should sit next to her and he did.

“Perhaps something is wrong but we can't talk about it here."

A smile of enthusiasm stole the corners of Blades lips showing his straight teeth yet pointed teeth.
His eyes had always shone deep hazel pools laced with coin like gold around the Ireses: This half breed known for killing Dracula who had her dead husbands face.
It was a calm smile that seemed to hold many secrets. "Perhaps it’s better to steal away now and leave the drunks to fend for themselves."

The creature’s dimples were prominent now as she looked away from him giving him a chipper tone.

"Let us see the children together first, take them with us I have a feeling they will need to be included."

When her eyes met his own multi colored ones: The Creature seemed to have a final peace within her for the first time since the night had begun.

"Just to grab Old Nibbs for me, I don't want to talk about something this sensitive without a little bit of backup I'm not sure if even speaking about it will trigger it more."

Kretari leaned over now and allowed her lips to taste his, it was a brief but well need spark of warmth on the flesh of them.
Pulling away before he could protest she was on her feet and in the crowd of dancing mortals before he could even blink.
Yet even when he was no longer by her side she could still somehow feel his far off gaze burning into her back shoulders.

Once past the crowd she noticed for the first time just how deep into go the sky: was tonight hinting away at Orion's constellation that seem to be glued into the air like a pinpoint.

By now they were matching up with the pyramids in what was once ancient Waset and a trip to that place seemed to be in the back of The Creatures mind regrettably in fact.

Not to the creatures surprise of her Two children were standing together deep an intimate conversation.
One tall dark toned beauty with lapis eyed shaped like almonds, plump lips and thick curves.

Her make up and pectoral resembled a dark blue princess of the Nile; get her clothes seem to be borrowing a style from the old Victorian age, all black lace and red velvet. It did compliment her curves and she looked good among nest to her twin she was the child of the Moon the one The Creature had saved in the Burning City of Aket Aten- Ahmes .

Next to her was the second of the oldest a blond-haired blue-eyed tall muscular yet lanky man. Who she had just danced with –
He had the kind of look that always seem to be deep in thought no matter if he was happy or sad; and tonight he was severely underdressed to The Creatures slight annoyance.

Felix sported the most casual attire he could find one of her old tie-dyed t-shirts and some light faded jeans and tennis shoes.

In truth he had had a lot of favoritism out of the bunch from the creature he had been a sickly human being that she had taken pity on during the 2000s and her music raids.
She had turned him to save his life to obliterate the eradicated disease that used to be among The Mortals called cancer.

It was in truth because of this
Bad Blood between the two of them had been lasting at least 17 years a blip of time to the immortals now Kretari had regretted that.

It still has presided over the group of her children as she approached them;

"Come along my beloved ones this party is over at least for us, we are meeting your Abi in our rooms on the boats ready for waset in the morning."

There is a slight tension in the air as Felix spoke

"Do we have to Mawat? I was just getting into my drink."

An alluring baboon like chuckle left his lips as he began to sip from the champagne in his left hand.

Smirking she didn’t wait for him to respond

"On we all go now."

Turning her back to all of them at ignoring the grumbles and protests from each as she began to lead the way away from the feast still full of partying and beautiful music.
The Royal barge was unlike any other on the River Nile plated with gold and adorning beautiful sails of vibrant violet.
It wasn't until each of the two children receded in her oversized traveling bed that she felt a little more safe, is they all huddled together on the large mattress.

Kretari had grown so used to hiding her emotions from everyone even her family that she was sure her children were full of a slight anger as if she didn't care, looking up at her in a group.

She saw him now from the corner of her eye and her from the back doorway that had the Eye of Re painted just above it.

"Late again the both of you!"

She shouted as she turned to face the two of them standing side by side.

When Nibble stood next to Blade it was like a time paradox .

Nibble looked like he was the Blades senior when in fact he was much younger and turned after : Blade yet he was The Day Walker- a rare enigma born half vampire - Half human.

As they stood there dumbfounded looking at her for a few moments she regretted that choice still like The Echoes of many of her regrets were staring at her tonighther children her best friend and her most beloved one.

"Never mind any of that."

Her hand waved through the air.

"Sit down…."

Nibble was the first to move and respond sitting on a lotus flower shaped cushion that was far too small for his body.

He looks comical among the group as the female Pharaoh tore off her crown placing it on its stand near the bed.

Long thick sheer white curls began to cascade around her shoulders as she ran her fingers worriedly through her tresses and curls.

Blade moved and now pulling out one of his Small knife boomerangs - He pulled out a silk cloth from his left pocket and began to clean it as if his life depended on it. "I'll stand Myself you little Minx, get on with it."

Kretari moved in closer to her husband his energy seeming to calm her slightly as her eyes focused in on a painting on Ma'at above the beds frame.

It was an amazing distraction from the view of her children that hurt so baldy.

"I tried to tell mother that what is going on it's something very much darker than just dreams she's experiencing and she's pulling us all into them."

Felix looked over at Kretari now but her violet orbs could not meet his. His wife had her arms around his shoulder: her brown and stunning curls curling around her face.
Her children being her only weakness Next to the Beast she had made that chemist in the Fedora- Nibble.
"She opened up a time portal with the spell and Khafre who has been waiting took advantage."

Now kretari’s body turned in reaction like a snake had bitten her, face twisting with rage at the name.

"Do not speak his name!" She hissed in a low tone looking around as if he would appear before them out of fear.

Yet now Blade is putting the Edged blade away ; so he can place his hand on the small of her back to calm her.

His other pulled her into a deep hug the a loop.

Now Ahmes spoke a soft and beautiful thick accented tone " Felix does this mean he is the one making us lose our places in time ? Ive felt this too as well."

When Ahems turned to look at Nibble and the rest one by one to explain.

"When Mawat was singing I saw it… her death how she became what she is how it all started."

Hot shame now twisted Kretari's face making the scar along her cheek prominent against her skin.

"Is that all you saw?"

"No, I saw you kill Baka as well."

When Ahmes admits this deep sin Kretari shakes and leans fully into her husbands arms, shes lucky he reacts and holds her upright.

"It wasn't youre fault you have to know you had no other choice."

Shaking her head Kretari retorted.

"No , but still docent make the words less of a knife in my heart."

Now Felix clears his throat and placed his hands, next to his wife at his sides.

"So what are we going to do about it?" Kretari asked him

Felix blushed deeply now and looked away from the group .

"To tell you the truth I don't know."

" Well clearly he is now outnumbered ." Nibble said in a non cholont manner.

Now it was Blade who cut her off

"SO we plan to cut of this Mother fukas head right?."

Blade was standing now looking at the group as if it was common sense : Like he had had this planed that all along. Nibble tossed a tiny blade at him – aiming for the top of his right cheek- yet he caught it and gave him a long quiet glare.
Nibble blinked.
“What? I didn’t see a thing…’ He then shrugged.

Kretari now interjected "We won't need one right away if he could do more then scare us with memories yet he would have by now … I know him… him and all his sick games and tricks."

The words tasted bitter as she spoke them softly.

"What the fuck am I missing here ?"

Nibble now demanded taking off the glinting black fedora to lift it to his chest Squinting his eyes in a hellish manner and keep smile – Even now he sounded like just another peeky blinder with the way he spoke.
Yet Kretari knew it was to ease the tensions in the room.
"Is Khafre.. The famous Pharaoh is the one who made you this way?"

Kretari sighed "after four hundred years of friendship Nibble I expected you to know this."

Nibble smirked with his response

"You always call him The monster or the Bastard how should I have known in four hundred years you have been too angry to speak his name."

Nibble now turned to His oldest friend Blade with a sympathetic look: in another life he’d have tried to kill him – yet for the creature they both seemed to get along.

" Are you feeling it too ? You’re the one who’s got the most to lose you’re the one he would want."

"In truth yeah a bit." Blade sighed in this soft place he wrapped his arms around her frame like a loop- then pulled away.

Kretari now pulled herself fully to her feet and tore herself from Blades firm grip.

"I want you all to be very careful the last thing I want is that past to come back … for any of us to be forced through it like a bad play for his enjoyment."

Blade sighed and reached out for her with a loving motion but she pushed away looking at the group.

They all had her in a rapt attentive sate, eyes locked on her own.

A few of the burning oil lamps flickered as a large breeze ruffled the barge slightly.

Nibble lurched holding his stomach as the boat lurched and rocked.

"He may seem like you can all take him on but he is only just weaker than I am "

Her eyes narrowed

"He was the first god made creature by a priest - A curse by the gods gone wrong."
Kretari blinked her vast violet orbs
“For now you all need sleep, I only have a parting celebration with the High priestess of this Temple then we may be off for home and form a real plan.” Kretari sai .
“For now you all have to trust me, the last time he walked this earth I watched everything I love suffer for it , for him and I won’t let it happen to any of my children no matter who:
so no hero playing and I mean it.” Her tone was stern as she looked each of them in the eye.
“Promise me children.”
One by one Felix, Ahmes did agree However this was not without some bitter reluctance.
“I will invite Jade to come back with us as well it won’t hurt to have her healing nearby, considering Ive been pulled into odd flashes all night.”
Kretari rested the back of her hand on her cool forehead deep in a lingering thought.
Then in a brilliant flash it happened once more:

It was a hot day and the sun was high in the sky the harsh waves of heat causing most Reket to stay indoors due to midday flashes.
Only a few clouds speckled the dark blue sky holding the bright orange disk.
A small and frail but Beautiful child around the age of six stood holding a toddler on her hip; The small child shared her nose and eyes but nothing else of her features and was pulling on her braided side lock.
The two hid under the shade of the main villa village gardens, with the other viziers children.
Playing in pleated kilts and dresses with wooden horses racing through flower trails, and grape vines.
“Rashidi pull on your own hair!” The young girl said in a harsh tone pulling her side lock free of the little girls grip. This resulted in a cry of protest and the young girl placing her sister down.
The toddler began to cry and reach out.
“keka Upie … Up up.” She was moving her hands in a grabbing motion.
Yet Keka pushed Rashidi away “NO you little monkey you will pull my hair!” lifting her nose high in the air and began to walk closer into the circle of children playing.
“What are you boys doing?” her voice rang out as she approached a group of older boys.
They had a slave boy on his knees sobbing trying to cower away from a Gaboon Viper that was being held away from them and at the poor boy.
Keka gasped out such a small child not knowing its diamond shaped head as a signal of danger.
“Let him go that’s a human being not a toy!”
The oldest boy who was keeping the snake outstretched from his body.
“My father says they don’t speak like us, they don’t worship our gods, they don’t feel pain.”
Keka flung the rock at the oldest boys head it bounced off and he cried out in pain dropping the hissing snake with a cry of alarm backing up fast and holding his now bleeding scalp.
“My father is head Vizer and I will tell him what you did! Look at him he’s sobbing he clearly feels pain! ”
Rashidi began to let out blood curling screams and Keka turned away from the boys to observe what was going on.
The small little girl sat back on her butt holding her left hand what was bleeding quite baldy.
“RUN!’ the oldest boy shouted pushing the other two that had been helping down a stone path, one tripping and having to be dragged by his friends.
The large snake hissed and strikes at the small child again getting her in the neck causing another series of blood curdling sounds that reslemebed screams.
“HELP!’ Keka cried out her green eyes twisting in pain “Baka help us!” she was screaming for her older brother.
Suddenly an older boy who seemed to be around the age of 11 nearly a man in Wasets eyes ran into view of the flower patch.
He had dark short hair, that was black as the pits of an eye and a tall frame nearly twice the size of all boys his age in the temples of Bast he studied in.
“Oh gods no!” he cried out grabbing a rock and lunging for the viper bashing its head in several times.
Rashidi by this time bad stopped screaming this was because her eyes, nose and mouth had begun to poor out blood and she was choking on it.
“Osiris help her, I am sorry help her!’ Keka began to cry into her hands as Baka’s blood covered hands picked her up covering her eyes.
“Don’t watch,”
“you have to help he , don’t make me leave her.’ The young girl was thrashing around beating on her older brothers back as the small girl named Rashidi began to bleed to death in the hot sand.
It was now Kretari who spoke as her wits about her filled back to the gold covered room in the rocking boat still being lashed around by the wind.
Nibble had now run to the waste basket and began to heavily vomit into it and small tears streamed down her scarred cheek.
“I am so… sorry you all saw that… “
Felix stood his eyes had began to glow slightly and he touched her forehead sending shocks along her spine , then in turn he touched each of them in the room saving the vomiting Nibble for last. It even seemed to help him for when his hand lifted from his back he stopped his sick.
Using the back of his hand to whipe the sick from his red beard “ I am sorry my lady… the rocking of the damned boat mixed with that …. “ Kretari held her hand
“No need.”
Felix sat back on the bed and ran a ran in his hair “ Ive used the charm of Shu on all you all as long as we are by the Temple tonight we are invisible to the veil of the Duat.” He used the world of the Egyptian underworld with cation.
Ahmes stared at her mother in wonder and shock.
“Who was that mother?”
Kretari looked at her daughter and sighed.
“My sister from a human life that no longer matters put the thought from your mind tonight, all of you need rest.”
Felix stood now fallowed by his wife who held his arm tight.
“I don’t want to leave you mother.”
First time Felix’s wife spoke her words spoken with care and a smile
“Neither do I may we all sleep here tonight on the floor please … just for night?”
Her voice was soft but cut off by the youngest girl.
“You can all sleep with Abi and Mawat like pathetic children but I am going to my room on this cursed boat and having a bath after that shit show.” Ahmes stood crossing her arms and pushed her way from the room now gone as Kretari let out a broken sigh, in truth she was headed to her own daughter deeper within the boat.
“ Maybe shes right , you all need to be in your own rooms if you can’t sleep alone you have no right to try to help in the fight.” Blade said softly with refinement Felix sighed out and pulled on his wife “We won’t let you down Abi , come on honey lets go to our room then.’

The two other children shuffled out whispering to one another deeply.
What did sorry ever do? Now that she had scared them all even poor Nibble with such a dark memory at her makers Expense,
Softly turning away from him and walking to the walls little window and looking out it at the thrashing waves of the River alongside the barge from the outside.
She could hear his footsteps fade away it was only now did she speak turning to face her beloved and best friend:

"You know … I act like it doesn’t hurt … but I am thousands of years old it does hurt ."

As she sat on a golden chair by a cosmetics table in the room the many lapis beads left in the dress began to crack, with subtle tunes to the air.

"You look like shit."
As soon as the Words left Nibbles mouth a harsh hand cracked at the back of his head.
Blade had given him a rather not so playful hit.
A harsh crack ran through the valley the man turned with a small rage in his eyes, as Kretari looked at them she could see the outlining fragments of bitter pain in tem as well.

“Roll and light a fucking joint, you big baby."
The words sounded playful and somehow strange on The Creature’s voice.

Nibble did as he was told and began then deeply puff on the golden rolled up paper in his hand.

Puffing away as a rainbow colored cloud of smoke escaped into the sky with a soft playful light.

Nibble gagged and cringed and The Creature sighed taking the joint with an air of annoyance her queenly act dropped slightly.

"You know when I was a small young woman in Waset , They would make the slaves sit out and fight off vultures in the Pharaoh's fields."

She said this as she puffed away at the golden rolled paper.

The smoke leaving her lips trailing off in swirls of violet accenting into eridensent and she felt better breathing out.

Nibbles grey and weary eyes looked at kreatri unmoving and she sucked in her own breath.

"I am getting to the point you impatient sod."

She laughed and handed him the paper roll back after having

"My point being. We would be forced to sleep out in the fields and we had giant straw men with wonderfully dark happy faces."

Kretari smiled with a little pride.

“well don’t you know, the beasts hate beauty like that we could sleep at the feet of the giant men with fresh dung ;
and not worry about having to beat the birds off ."
Kretari whipped her eyes leaving out the part about Maji Warriors “that’s what this feels like rubbing dung on myself and running from something with the help and use of our poor beautiful babies.“

"How can you remember all tha?" Nibble asked softly at her dark and morbid analogy and re took a few more puffs and passed it back.
“Time is a bitch it’s still going on than: as we sit here it’s a rubber band, that’s how.” Kretari took the joint and smiled at the scowling man known as Blade.
Kretari handed Nibble the remnates of the immortal supper weed joint.
“Get some rest my friend I am keeping you at my side in Waset until this is over.”
Nibble picked up his fedora with a cheeky grin greedly trying to puff up the rest of the joint he had rolled. For a former Nuclear Chemist turned immortal he sure did make a fine joint in harsh times.
“Sure thing you’re highness try to rest well.” With that he placed the hat on his bald head fixed his coat and was gone from the room.
Now that the two stood alone Kretari faced her husband “I am so sorry My Djedi.”
She called him her intimate pet name from her human life and his past.
“Why you sorry? Not you doing anything now is it?’ The Creature gave a small frown and walked over to him she placed her hands on his chin and kissed him before pulling him into a soft hug.
“I am still sorry for this, because now who knows what we are in for Honey.”
Blade pulled her into a warm hug kissing her forehead in a long brush with his lips.
He tossed her down on the floor with a very serious look. “Your not too good for the floor you know!’
Blade made the dark joke before helping the shocked woman to the bed letting out a boyish laugh.
“ It’s us against the damn world always has been you just trust in me, let Me do the dirty work- ya know sharpen my knives and what not… the guns don’t break as easy and the knives.” She looked up at him told him how much she loved him and the two faded into one another forgetting the issues even if momentary.

It is in our own nightmares that we often see our own true nature, but what stares back at you at the end of the day?
A sweet stubble stream? Or a raging angry Ocean full of pain.
The night hours cause a still hush over the Royal Barge as a crescent moon began to fade from the sky.
Light orange and red tones began to breathe life over the valley:
Birds could be heard waking up, starting to chatter away at the day with songs much clearer to time then simple words made by man.
Kretari lay sprawled away in bed entangled in golden and black silk sheets like a mummy, twisted too tightly to move.
Her dreams in and out and she tossed and turned seeming to be ripped back into the same dream throughout the night.
The dream lined up with time beating like a drum loop of a song.
The young boy pinched her left cheek until a dimple showed.
“Smart little cat, don’t worry I have a decent enough plan once that happens and maybe you can be free of them.”
Now the young boy pulled her chin “have you eaten?”
Keka now looked away ashamed her eyes away from his own.
“It has been over a year! It was not your fault and you know it… you cannot keep on like this, or I won’t keep bringing you here to The Observatory to look at the moon. “

Now a subtle flashed in a corner and it shifted , The blue light walls that over send the passage way fade away and now her hair is being pulled on, Kretari turned away her face morphed and changed she wanted to know why this was in her morbid mind of all things such a silly childhood encounter.
Perhaps it what was on the walls behind them or the observatory itself calling her?
The thought fleeted as soon as it was gone and now it was a young man’s face scowling.
His dark eyes nearly black like soot he held a Kopesh glinted with dark overcast Vermillion stone that blazed like the sun Like Chaos and death
“How could you face me after both your sisters are dead?” It was still outrage now nothing made sense swirling around her like murky water.
Dark light as she looked around: of course around for anything she could see Horn’nit in full detail his face squared His eyes had war paint. Yes the sick bastard twisted by the curse of the palace would Waset always be a place of horror upon such people?
He even had a pleated kilt blood still stained his putrid hands like a malice of the past.
“I imagine you are very pleased with yourself.’ It was calm now nothing like the creatures when someone sees a monster they do not stop and question why that beast has lost its soul.

Now a dark raspy voice interjected it was soft and light dim and overcast yet sound her eyes narrowed and before her had a dark half human beast. Blacked soot for fur and golden eyes looking deeply into her own “it took you Long enough to spot me.”
The Creature’s eyes narrowed in a vast morbid anger yet she knew The God Anupu was calm dressed in his overdone blue robes.
“Is this Abydos?”
Hack submerged deep from within his throat “You are going soft perhaps.” His canniness sneered at her like pins and The Creature rolled her violet orbs.
“Dreams to torment me with as bad as the rest even all the Neteru are the same.”
But the god came in closer “I have come to you as a favor to your Ba and Ka Kretari Put your soul away again even if only
Or the time being.
It’s not safe not now that the war with Khafre has begun again.”

Before Kretari could ask the god why he wished so badly for her to lose a part of her humanity.
To beat the dark one:
A growl was going through her now deep within her throat.
“Why have you come cousin?” Her words bit at the Jackal headed being genuine contempt
“Hurt to see me after so much time?” his hand was on his chest and his eyes now shifted to handsome pools of golden light
“Kretari I am the only reason That Your son Meketare lives inside that boy : I can take him away like a beating breath ‘
The god clicked and he chuckled at her reaction the Ring in her hand now glowing.
“Come now no one wants to see that blade I would never hurt you cousin I come to tell you that The Child who lives : The living one of Djedefre will come to will you and you will have to choose again like you did in Waset to kill “
Now he made a chair made of cloud and smoke soft harp music began to play.
He was wasting her time – Keeping her from leaving the temple.
“Get on with it Anupu – as if I have time to grovel at your feet .’ Kretari scoffed in his direction.
“I cut myself off from talking in the Duat long ago.” The Lady Pharaoh was now pulling at her ring it had the dead pharaoh’s name on it, her last weapon.
Her dress began to turn a dark grey clouded with a horrid black smoke causing her to cough and bend over.
She was weak in this place Equal to his power in every way.
In a shell of what she once was at that ;
“NeferHenutsen waits for you in the Temple her cats at her side ready to kill you for Khafre .”
The world around them began to shake with a red light as his name was spoken Kretari’s fear at the word manifesting.
“It comes down to the same choice Kretari take some one you trust and rip youre What is left of that part of you out; and live if you must.’

Now she understood she buried her gaze away in the dark smoke .
Kretari just took it in yes. To try to lead was death itself.
A dark bleak question arose in her mind but The Netejer Anupu cut her off with a raised black pitched hand.
“DO not speak this Idea in the Duat – You know in your head what has to come and yes – that is the only way to save them You will have to chose tonight between them all The happy picture or The flesh and blood of the last trace of Egypt and him you have left .”
Scoffing again Kretari turned away a nervous tick but she looked down at her hands with shock.
Dark olive toned hands reflected back with deep malachite prayers on her palms she looked up.
She could hear clinking of black braids.
She had thought the solution and responded in her dream state in her own way.

“I will do was you say- Now go to see you and your games makes me sick you reek of Seth.’
It was a sharp retort
“You have become soft like the ooze around you Anupu but I am not soft I still drink the blood of the Neteru.”
Her musical voice had changed it was dark and full of soul splitting grief.
“DO you wish me to take you?”
“Never – I shall take my children.”
The gods eyes looked hurt they turned away and she sighed.
“Think of the times You once begged for my sarcasm to save you Keka.’
He Spoke her mortal name and Her Ring began to glow hot and shift in her hand To A royal engraved Kopesh sword.
She began to leap at The Beast screaming letting her rage overcome her as lotus flowers fell from her wig.
Kretari awoke screaming in pain softly seeing her pale limbs entangled in sheets as she cried out softly.
A deep annoying snore was soft and strong on the other end of the entanglement sighing and using the blanket to wipe a cold sweat from her brow;
Kretari pulled herself free from the bed, and even blades side.
She was now quick to roll her massive white curls in a bun and clip it in place she rubbed Lavender oils on her skin and then placed a Serpents Pectoral on her head Eating A Eye of RE The Sun God.

Her clothes had been less of a challenge she pulled on a simple deep Blue gown She would wear Blue to Please the old gods of Egypt.
She turned to the sleeping man- He had stayed that way through her dressing up sprawled out She envied that Perhaps this would be the last time she saw him, Like this how she needed.
The gods wished to end things to take things from her on this day? SO be it she would fight back just as hard.
Praise be to the Neteru who hide In the places of death and shock.
Yes a second morbid thought.
Turning away from him she pushed open the wooden door and let out a soft mouse like squeak as Felix gave her a cheeky shit eating grin.
“Come on now mother.”
“How in the?’
Kretari took his arm and he was dressed for the occasion.
To her second shock Ahmes Turned and look her second free arm.
“We had a dream , and we are not going to let go alone.’
Kretari looked at them all and sighed.
‘Did you see it all?’
“ oh ya.’
They both said in Unison
“Come along then but- Don’t and I mean it … DO not tell anyone the place we are going to before I go to the temples Tonight.’
Now she changed to speaking in kemetic in case any hastey ears began to listen in .
She lead then through the dark maze of oak doors.
Fear clouded both of the Young adults faces they held her strong and kept walking with her.
Felix Spoke first “ Be still It is the right thing to do and if you wan’t I will be the one to hold her down.’
The Creature shook The soft part left inside of her The damned Egyptian Priestess Of the past.
“ I have to do it with The Kenti Blade that Is the only way I must make her human once more.’
Ahmes began to shake and looked away from them both.
“ I Was taken away so small I don’t recall a human life just her own torment but I have my own cat now Crowley and he will help.”
In truth Kretari had scared both of her children very much – taken away from how sweet they had once been and made them Gods full of hate pretending to be human now.
Only she had ruined their lives with chaos, to try to save them from death.
Death was a dark source one she would soon no longer be able to run from.
“You children will come back to this
ship You will take your bodies far from mine when I first take the soul from myself. “
Now the blinding light of the last bit of moon and start of sunrise stabbed at her violet orbs she blinked to clear her eyes from them.
Ahmes now spoke “Mawat what will you do when the human soul you once had is taken from you will it be like Aket Aten once more?’
Her voice was dark perhaps caused from the PTSD of seeing that side of her in action.
“ I DO not know When I let go it’s hard to say I would kill anyone just to laugh no matter status.’
She spoke the truth to them now as her bare feet hit the grass and they began to stride over to the boats.
It was now in proper light She could see Ahmes has worn close robes to hers.
‘you don’t have shoes!” she remarked at her blinking soflty .
“ No, It is better this way trust me child.’ Kretari spoke softly and lead them then through a passage of lemon trees far off to the temples.
Her senses about her she kept speaking in harsh thick old words.
“That part of me is nothing but a Plague caused by the very thing I must do again tonight cleaning my own mess.’ She had spent thousands of years with a soul given to her by the day walker – anything would be possible once it was gone.
Breathing in deeply she began to feel her heart beat change at the thought of the place her soul would soon be in.
Some dark secrets are the only ones that can be trusted.
The trees began to clear away and now the soft rush of water could be heard, a soft stream began to smile and the trio and Ahmes gasped in shock at the water before them.
Felix chuckled with fervor and smiled. “ If I had any other place but here to be id jump in!’
Kretari pulled free from them .
“Jokes aside we part ways here.’
Her voice was harsh she was now speaking the common tongue cutting away the memories of Egypt.
“what is this place?”
Felix asked in his dark toned manner and a growl .

“It is the place- I did a demon, I used to….” Her words slowed
“ I…. We used to be friends a long time ago but I haven’t thought of him lately at all.” Kretari sighed.
“The demon was a. . . . . friend .”
She leaned down at the base of a fig tree it was large and aged with wisdom and time.
She could see briefly in her mind’s eye a soft hazel eyed blonde with cheek bones to kill dark garb covering his many needless mortal tattoos to once ‘ blend in’ with humans.
“This is his place I’ve come here to Hide Keka away In here -My willow tree in the Duat is not safe.’
“We love you mawat.” They had spoke this in unison “we won’t let Kretari overcome you and we wont.” Felix had been talking but now it was a soft spoken Ahmes who interrupted
“ We will not let you go into darkness alone.’
The Woman before her now held her hand taking the past away from her once more making her strong.
Kretari then pushed then both away and began to Pull from The Duat with her right hand .
A green dark light and smoke and lighting began to clash in mid air as she pulled out the same Kopesh out of her dreams.
The Creature would soon be awake.
“ Do not let me kill Reket If this goes wrong – you must free my Ka!’ she said soflty as the green portal forced shut knocking the other two from their feet.
A blue Light that began to make the two watching The creature began to fill and surrounded them.
Crying out in pain Ahmes pulled Felix away from it shielding his weak eyes.
As Kretari did this A dark vast Light lilac light began to be ripped away from her body .
This was along with her Remorse , Guilt , or better lack of Judgment.
Now she was gone-
The soft glowing part of her was screeching in pain so much so that even kretari’s ears began to pour a golden sweet blood.
The tree groaned and began to weep as the light was forced inside of it with The Golden Blade.
The Surrounding trees all became black ash pouring a fowl stench over each of the children and The Creature as the life forces from inside them began to heal the tree that had taken her soul inside of it and protect it from being opened.
As the smoke cleared The creature began to tie the blade on her back in an almost robotic like way.
It hurt the young immortals eyes to see
“Children come with me but stay outside The Temple The rule of the gods Have been broken on this night and they will not forgive.’
Her violet obrs now had been stained over dark they held no light or life in them at all.
She had flashed then forward in a swirling haze of light. As much distance as she could now get was better for everyone as Kretari then stopped.
Letting the darker orbs take in the light around her.
In truth the child she has about to face seldom spoke with anyone or at all.
She has once been the child of dreams at her side.
Then A killer too and in truth it had been a mistake to let her live when she had begged for the life of herself and her green eyed Familiar now she defiled the place of the Neteru.
The gods would punish her and so her rage would be felt tonight in the Air Temple.
The sandstone floor shook from the power of her bare feet as she could now see the outlines of blue paintings and Vermillion words in the old ways of writing.

Her Beloved ones had now left most likely still in shock at her vast get away.
Kretari then let herself be surrounded by darkness and swirling wind as she began to walk in the deep underground tunnels.
The Temples of Shu had been set up to cleanse the body the weak could not pass here.
Only now – as an immortal could Kretari see how The First Pharaoh of Egypt must have felt to have to be a fat cow and swim in in vast complex system of tunnels to give birth Hoping for a girl.
This had been the reason she had refused the shoes and in truth with was going to fucking burn and she knew it , even as it clung to her close in a Holey Place like this.

Kretari then dipped her foot in the prayed over and blessed lavender water : Even with a high tolerance it burned causing pain to ripple through her being and make her shake and tremble and now she coughed up the air from her lungs.
To jump in all at once was the best way : taking off her crown The Lady Pharaoh of Egypt had then subjected her body to the pain of a washing of the gods.
Life times of sin began to burn away at her in this square pool of water: most of all her lungs as she was forced away from the air.
She began to scream she writhe blindly in this water pushing her way through the tunnels that had been painted and carved long before her birth In Waset.
Now It was the Golden Kenti Blade that began to emit a air pocket around her, Her pale and burning body began to throb as she smacked the air pocket wall hard enough to cause golden blood to pour from her shoulder.
The old wound would soon heal if she could get some blood in her.
Only now – surrounded by this air could Kretari see that more love had been put into this Place then any other in the lands.
The God whom favored her smiled down at her as she gasped for air and held pain under water many times , she was amazed by how well it had held up even it full detail.
Of course he would look at her before she did the unspeakable within his temple even if it was the taking of an Immortal life such as her own.
The time was surpassing her now she could hear even underwater The Priestesses singing and begging The gods for forgiveness in the time of plague praying the offering to Shu would be enough to stave off the Monster.
Rushing through the water now little bits began to poor in breaking through the air pockets with a hiss – Even her own weapon was pairing harshly with the calamity inside of her.
After four squared off tunnels she broke free of the water screaming once more.
The air pocket had broken Shu had spoken and recjected her causing the shu pendent around her neck to burn along with the water making it colder the longer she stayed in.
The shock to her bones was over powered by the rage and sight of her surrounded by dead Temple Priestesses.
Surrounded by NeferHenutsen Herself She had a smile and would try to play off with the blood as her weakness Kretari rose from the waters.
Coughing and rubbing the lavender from her now and the water as she got to her knees.
The child still Looked to much Like Djedefre : His jawline his face , his nose, his cheeks, every inch of him was vast and worn away however by a soft touch her eyes held a green malice as dark as her breathtaking skin.
She would hate to punish the child in a place such as this but after all that is what she was – A weapon of the gods and a weapon of the law of ma’at herself for her sins.
She was dressed in the green robes of Bast the cat goddess.
“Mother… Please drink let us talk forgive me.”
Kretari’s next move had to be planned out not over worn by emotions.
She could smell it now the Blood of her children on the barge . If she stayed to kill NeferHenutsen she may lose the rest forever was revenge worth it ?
To be able to live in peace with the gods?
Why not. She had don’t it once before.
Kretari leaned down and bit into a dead woman drinking from her arm with haste her violet orbs glowing.
It was a hot burning coil that over took her – one could compare it to an instant intoxication.
The young woman smiled and she giggled and nodded “ Oh mother I knew you would come to your senses.’
She patted the spot clear from red human blood around her and pleaded.
“please sit with me let us talk about the new world and what it means to have it in our hands.’
She was laughing now but Kretari knew better she only smiled lightly and shook her head.
“ No Unefer Merit .” She had called her child the most beautiful and beloved of all.
“We end here – you are not allowed in this place you have killed in this place and now was a hand Of Re I will cut you down in this place.’ Kretari then Pulled her weapon from her hands getting hit with a harsh wave of green lighting as she did so .
Kretari caught off guard for only a moment as she was knocked down flipping backwards to her feet The Kopesh that she had Pulled from the other side of the world gleaming as she did so.
Rushing forward it clang around them.
The temple had the sad stench of iron blood, it hid the soft rose.
The Women of The temple could now see The Monster The Lady Pharaoh truly was.
It was a soft overhang of dim light and death .
Morbid bleak and soft .
They huddled together next to onyx sized statues of the god of wind .
“Big mistake !” NeferHenutsen’s frail and limber body rushed at her in truth she was short in size.
And could never quite see only her own choices of death and murder had taken her family from her.
“NO Unefer it is you whom are mistaken you think I would not question the one who controls the woman named Esmerelda I saw It all in some foolish piss ants blood.
The younger woman now rose two blades in her hands “ Who knew in youre old age you could figure that one out you hag,”
Now kretari’s face twisted from an emotionless screen to one of rage
The curved end of her blade was stopped by the two blades.
Her side was kicked at but she deflected it;
Kretari swung once more but a large cat attacked her side.
A large tiger dark orange in markings it growled and bit into the old wounds left in her scared left shoulder.
Crying out in pain she began to kick and fight off the tiger and used her hand to hold its face sending a large ripple of lighting through its body till it fell lifeless over her own body with a loud thud.

Sobbing could be heard from the Priestess around her and now even The other immortal was crying out in pain. Kretari tossed it from her body holding her shoulder that had began to poor sweet golden blood.
She coughed and laughed at her child.
“ One tiger bite cannot hurt me you foolish Imp.” Rising to her feet now she rose and began to clash again at the younger woman.
“ How could you help Kahfre ?’ she demanded the name soot in her own mouth.
Blade had been right when Telling her about her own choosing to stay - she would taste death and fowl every day in this sugar coated topping of a world. Even in power again it was a curse just as the beat she was known to come in and out of was- Before he had forced her soul back into her instead of killing her.
‘You moved on.” She hissed “ No better then anyone else from the old days mother.’ This was a screen as she got a good jab into the long scar on kretari’s face.
In a blind and searing pain Kretari then Used the Kenti Blade in its Kopesh form it broke into the skin of NeferHenutsen and her eyes filled with shock and pain as she spit out golden immortal blood of her own, The blade had sunk its poison within in her.
“ I never moved on I refuse to lose what is mine.’ She whispered in the child’s ear holding her back easing her to the floor as she coughed.
“Mother why? I thought.” Gargling now why did all the females her soul had once loved die drowning on blood? A soft echo panged her – it was not the same to take a life of a being as powerful as her.
Killing Reket was easy like flies and horrid food source, “A mother should not have favorites but I would do anything for Meketare whom lives Inside Felix and you will not take him from me.’ She seethed.
“You are like a weed in my garden! What have a taught you about weeds unefer?’
“You cannot have them! You must pluck them away so the pretty ones can shine.” As she pulled out the blade from her daughter’s heart her life force began to face away turning into the same ash that had taken the trees and then it shifted and formed into black diamonds.
Coughing now from pain Kretari turned focusing her violet orbs behind her now as she tried to ignore the grief in her body it was NeferArryn all along she had been the one too play Esmerelda she could smell it in she ashes and folly around her.
A low growl left her lips as she pulled away with her blade and rushed at the second woman.
Of course she had not sensed her – she was full of rage.
The two sisters began to strike so hard at one another with their blades it caused sparks to fly and strike at The Temple Priestesses .
The Temple may never be clean with so many deaths inside of it , would it be cast away ? burned ?
The only concern’s she had as she plunged the blade through the heart of NeferArryn who coughed and cried out.
“You and your gods sister have always been weak go and meet mine.’ She pulled her blade out and the screaming woman began to fall and writhe around turning to ash as well but not diamonds.
She was clearly the weaker of the two and it made sense to her as to why she could side with the heretic princess
Kretari began to pant as she focused all the energy she could into the blade.
The Blood of her children hung even here underground, Even Blades as well – she had to get to them but the humans and the many hearts beating in the room became a problem.
It was now another face from the past that made her turn away place the small ring the blade had forced itself into on her hand and began to Crawl.
She could sense them the lives , cast away in darkness.
She had to make a choice – This is what Anupu had meant only two could be brought back.
Like a net she could sense grief and blood and life as well very little life.
SO she had sent her legion of cats on the boat when Kretari had left.
How had she killed them? Immortals .
Crawling to the inner blessed pool she sighed.
It was going to be like jumping into an ice lake so she reminded herself all reality really is is a thin slice on ice and forced herself in; however this time when she submerged the water did not burn.
This was due to the fact the fact she had chosen to spare The Ladies of The Temple .
Kretari crawled wet on the lime stone floor.
Trying to find her way through the channels of Shu left her drained and weak.

Crawling to the outside horror struck her as she saw Ahmes and Felix Lifeless before her eyes the jaws of Sekmet had lashed though their throats like butter.
A cry un like another left her lips as she crawled over to them.
“let us help you.” It was two paler women with dark brown curls
Dressed in silk nearly see through gowns shaped to hide their curves.
“The gods call upon us to help you now.” The creature now saw they were twins and a sick smile overcame her she rushed in at them lunging.
They might have thought the first time leaving the temples had been beautiful if her own fangs had not ripped away and tore at the flesh of the two girls.
She now then dragged the lifeless bodies that still clung with fear to the lifeless bodies of her beloveds.
She dragged all four heads into her lap- If the soul had stayed in her.
She would have been overcome with tears a pitiful mothers sobbing but she had nothing in her heart.
Her issues at the moment had been gift wrapped up in a pretty box numb to the world.
She ripped the Ma’at Pectoral amulet from her neck and smashed it into the ground with her lighting the two pearls lifted the four bodies into the air and the suns power struck down on them.
Yes She even in this weak state could turn death to life who knows what would become of them. Or what would arise.
The wound on her shoulder had re opened now and Kretari cried out in pain- How could she face Khafre now ? was anyone else alive?
Again needless thoughts in her mind.
She watched as her necklace faded away into melted iron and began to weep and let herself fall to her back.
The two bodies that had sunk to the ground held the features of her children it had worked – It had cost her everything – Yet It did work Blade , He had to be alive- She needed a quick whip of sarcasm. She needed to ….
Feel him there. Yet her world was going dark

gr and into pitch nothingness before it was gone she saw the outlines of Nibbles body in the distance. “youre late … again!’ Then her world was darkness. History always repeats this is how it comes and came to be in the hot place of Waset – The place and thing that made all this death here In Egypt for eons and many times of Egypt.

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That's was great

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My favorite part is when you brought Felix Blade Nibble and I into it. I also loved how you had Blade and Nibble act around each other like they were close friends

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My favorite part is when you brought Felix Blade Nibble and I into it. I also loved how you had Blade and Nibble act around each other like they were close friends

hahah thank you for such kind words. I think I got Blade Down with help from az pretty well helps that Blade is my fave ... like ever. haha.

I look forward to using him as I go in and out of the past and future in this origins.
just imagine this


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While our dark creature slumbers let us go back so understand the beast we love. Time always repeats itsself. Always.

Old Kingdom period (25th century BC).

Tekh 3, of the month before wag :
In the time of she who riseth in the dawn with The Sun Disk Re and his majesty
A Shu x5
Un Nefert tattia
Hattia em ba ka em et Shu.
A Shu ×5
Djed em hattia Shu
Merit anat Neteru.
Tua Shu x 2
Nehmes em Hotep
Tua shu ×2

× 12 while burning Juniper and Lavender


Behold the God of wind Shu x5
The beautiful one who wears the crown.
Behold the god of wild Shu x5
The enduring one of my heart.
Beloved God of my heart.
In the adoration of Shu the God of wind ×2
Awake in peace
In the adoration of Shu the God of wind ×2

It is a soft day of Akhet during the flooding seasons, The priestess deep inside the Temples of Shu Prepared dried juniper berries along with sun - baked cinnamon from the distant land of Hati along with local fresh lavender bushels into bowls for burning.
The Lord Ra's sun is beginning to set over the large water surrounded temple of the God of wind and war, husband to the Goddess of Moisture.
The Female Pharaoh would visit tonight with feasting to pay her dues to the gods, Reket (commoners), and Priestess; the Lady lady Pharoah’s entourage would line up in the back gardens following the stone path around the large temple.
The back gardens may not have been as legendary for being pleasing to the eye as that of the Lady Hathors yet they had rare exotic flowers that only opened at night.
Lemon trees in neat proud rows surround a large statue of the God and manly beautiful man - made feasting tables painted with ostrich feathers.

The particular Temple was surrounded by a square long deep moat that one would have to boat over to enter.
This would be sacrilege as the Priestess of Shu remained - Virgins and Only Married to the God - therefore only the God himself, The Priestess and the Pharaoh are allowed inside.

Weeks of preparation have led to this auspicious night of festival song and dance.
This was to ensure the winds would bring down the moisture from the clouds ensuring flood season would last the next three months.
Everyone would judge the Queen's performance on this night as each member would gather round to watch and see if the Gods would bless the season of growing.
Failure to invoke the Nerteru's pleasure would mean a bad growing season and possible hints of famen to the poorest parts surrounding the capital.

Every priestess was fast at work arranging flowers, making the rest of the fine dishes or pastries, the tables had to look right , and the oil offering had to be the best of the year as to not ensue the wrath of the Neteru (the Gods) not a thing was out of its proud placement and even blue lotus flowers adorned the painted bars holding up the hanging shades .

Rows of lamps made the garden burst and dance with a new found light and warmth of love the air smelt of a coming rain and the smell of cinnamon burned in the massive bonfires to the sides to keep the air smelling fresh and warm.
Yet a black dark pitch covered Egypt The land of Kemet like soot.
Henusen sat perched over the side of the royal barge feeling death itself waving in down on her body.
For the first time in her Royal life her Pectoral on her head was to heavy a burden. ;
A dazzled Ma’at pectoral glinted against the bright full of Turquoise and Onyx imported from far away lands.
The Royal band that covered the band together was a band of small blue lotus and her dark brown eyes glared up the sun as she began to tear at the top of her necklace that hung in heavy rows down to her breast:
Already could she hear the shouts of alarm crowding around her from behind her.
The band of lapis lazuli plummeted into the river with a soft thud like splash and her small daughter clung to her arm softly, her daughter Neferhenutmire was suddenly upholding her.
“Mawat?” Using the deepest name for mother - hardly something, you would call a Lady Pharaoh.
“Are you unwell to have thrown your necklace away?” The young girl still had her side lock but spoke like a woman.
The Lady Pharaoh Only smiled for her eldest child even though she knew it was a sin to speak against the truth the lied in the moment for her child talking her left hand from her belly and embracing the child’s cheek in her hand.
“Yes, my rose petal, I am fine.” The Lady pharaoh spoke with a rasp and the Ladies of her court began to parade around in a dissent panic calling out for the king - her husband Khufu.

Henusen gazed out over the river with a half-glazed smile
“The child will come early. I wish to gaze at Nephthys just a little while longer please: this will be a long process.”
For a child of eight, it can be hard to understand that even for her mother whom was the Living Goddess on Earth, child baring was no easy task
The river had a calm still hush over it and she could smell the spices from the shore being burned: Like a song calling out music through smell, calling back to her childhood spent at this beloved Temple.
Juniper berries along with sun - baked cinnamon she would not have energy to call out to the Gods and who knew what that would mean for her beloved lands: People and tiresome politics’
A powerful lurch overtook her body and Henusen forced her mind's eye back to a time when she was made of all willowed legs : Tanned for the world to see laughing with the small dwarf man.
“Come with me to my room child, quickly before we enter the temple.”
The dark brown eyes tore from the deep blue river and a large dangerous hippo knocking its teeth to the sun Hathor had come to meet her twin in this place indeed the thought was deep as she led her child with a stern hand causing her to call out.
As she was dragged past and out of the smell the Lady Pharaoh let out a cry of pain and led her way leaning on the small child into the cool of her large back rooms and onto a bed.
The child glared at her mother and sat trying to cry her tears staring up at the goddess of truth on her mother’s crown .
“Take out a writing plate and not a wax one small one : but a true paper box with Papyrus.’
The young girls eyes went as wide as saucer dishes, her mother had tore her into the room so fast she had failed to take in how stripped and bare this ride had been.
Many Paintings her mother had held scared had been removed from this room and the lighter shade of the wood lay as a subtle hint of the past.
An understanding now washed over the child.
“Mawat why have we come to this place will the Neteru truly not forgive us with you fail tonight?’ The child was determined to fight back and deflect from the truths of this she did not want the confirmation her mother had been taking things , months to place in her tomb.
“NeferHenutmire you clear child : The Neteru always forgive humans and are flawed nature that is why they come upon the earth to give The Pharaohs children.”
The small Tanned girl have a genuine hot-tempered smile it showed deep dimples and gleaming teeth.
Causing a pinprick of pride in her heart She could make a fine Pharaoh on the lands at the right age
The young girl reached out her dark olive toned hands and began to dig deep into a wooden box by her mothers bed.
Pulling out a dark black painted wooded box with writing paints made for travel and looked up at her .
“If I spell anything improperly what will they do?”
The Lady Pharaohs eyes narrowed and she shook her head softly.
“You musn’t NeferHenutmire you must be swift all of Egypt will some day rest in your hands and I fear.”
A ripple overcame she small princess as her mother cried out in a harsh pain cut off mind sentence.
It was a gripping vast emotion and she scoffed to keep her composer that soft nervous tick form birth.
Her tanned hands began to shake as she headed the paper with her mother’s many tittles.
Henusen She Who Riseth In The Dawn With The Sun Disk Re And His Majesty:
By the time she did this The Lady Pharaoh had gained her breath back: but beads of sweat now lined her malachite makeup and she looked weary causing the small princess to frown.
“I fear If this Letter does not reach RaHoptep we will go into a one goded religion and my idea of a observatory for the god Ausair shall be ruined.’ Speaking the God of deaths name had clearly made her ill for now her skin was milky and pale.
The young princess quivered with a un expected chill as she asked
“Would Abi really do that?’
Speaking of her father with a tenderness that surprised the queen Nefer still had too much to learn from life the truths about the dwarf most of all.
“Under his rein everyone would fear him : I lay with that man I know his ambitions and that are dangerous they call on turning away from the Neteru now write! If this child is to live I must get to the temple.” The bite back in the queen’s voice was deep and cumbersome. NeferHenutmire squinted at the Pharaoh and nodded as she began to fiddle with the edges of the curled Papyrus scroll.
“Dear Rahotep Scribe Of The Book Of Toth Find this letter to you in haste : as this letter reaches you I will be gone from the world – protect the child until NeferHenutmire can overpower Khufu, he will come for Waset like the god Apep you must find a way to strike him down or we will lose all we hold dear.’

The princess began to chew the inside of her mouth with sorry her eyes tore into her mother’s for a long while.
“Do you truly wish to give up to the gods tonight Mawat?’ it was a tender child’s worry it caused a second wave of sweat to pour down to the Lady pharoahs back as she recoiled in her chair.
“What choice do I have?” The Lady Pharaoh retorted.
NeferHenutmire sighed and looked down at the paper.

“ Can Rahotep be trusted ? there is too much too ask you and too little time.” Tears overcame her and she quickly placed aside the royal scroll to the side of the bed so as not to stain it with tears. Holding back a sniffle the child forced herself to keep gaze with her mother seeing it now too.
Like a grey film just beyond her mother’s own shadow, death did wait for her in her face and aged lines hidden behind the Ma’at pectoral that The Lady pharaoh was pulling away at.
“He is the only one to be trusted – You must take Ma’at and keep her out of the hands of lies.’
It took her a great strength to say this causing the child to shake now from her tears.
“ DO not weep death is only the start of my life and many to come.’ As she spoke this, her hands placed the slightly oversized pectoral on her head, fixing her braided side lock out of its obstruction.
“The one thing you must do is trust in the dreams you have now child and raise who ever comes from the temple in my place tonight to be a warrior.’
The young princess now pulled away from her mother and began to scream her voice cracking from the effort making quiet tears roll from The Lady Pharaoh.
“How can you be so certain death waits for you In the place of The Cruel God Shu!’
Now The Lady Pharaoh let out a soft giggle and covered her lips with the back of her hand suppressing yet another scream from a ripple of pain.
“Some one has to die in order for life to be born.’ The giggling had now left The lady Pharaoh and she rose to her feet kicking off her golden sandals.
She Limped over to her blue wooden vanity and began to discard at least a dozen royal and heavy rings she would not need them in the place of the Gods.
“Shu is not cruel, and he will be my comfort tonight- find me in the one who loves the wind.’
The lady Pharaoh gazed at her rugged and sweaty complexion .

She had once had a narrow lined face in her youth: children and a lifetime of calculated choices now seemed to be tearing that away from her it filled her face in.
Partly marring her beauty.
To watch her mother who had spent her entire life showing barely any emotion other than calculated procedure staring at herself to shoveled in the mirror are brought Rippling fear into the young princess.
The world around her lapping up at her feet like a monster with gnarly teeth in a diseased haste.
Blood was pounding in her ears and the young princess clung to the rolled-up scroll against her chest her eyes cooling with fear.
" will I be going into the temple with you Mawat?'
It was a rhetorical useless question one that would have been better mute and left on asked but she had to say it anyways.
"No NeferHennutmire, you will not.'
Attention and hatred had stayed between the two for many years but there was also a great love interlocked deep within their eyes;
The curse of the throne had definitely taken her children from her, her beloved daughters most of all and she had to make choices that made her seem marred and disgusting.
"You will understand someday when you are older and you wear Pashent Crown upon your own head.'
Another griping bubble of pain seemed to grip the lady Pharaoh as she bent over screeching to the gods and physical pain.
As suddenly as they had been watching birds on the edge of the Riverside barge her mother was leaving fleeting without even a goodbye or a tender word perhaps it was that pain or something else more selfish that made that impossible-

That last goodbye or to admit defeat but the last heir to her and her own life and blood would be brought in this world today.
With this would be the start of Decades of one godded religion would start.
As well as the news of how and why Setmeritten : the The King Husband Khufu's mistress would soon also give birth.
It was now a race to The Priest of Re and The new king to come .

Before she could even comprehend it this small princesses world would change and so would Egypt.
None the less Waset.
Even now as she watched many ladies carry her mother off into the dark mysterious temples. Temples she had looked forward to for seeing over six months practicing dances and prayers that would now go to waste.
Her mother would refuse her entry and so she would refuse her mother a goodbye to the shore line.
The last days of her mother was fat screaming in agony surrounded by her ladies dragging her out of the room.
Still looking beautiful none-the-less with her hair in Tangled free from a crown and any Royal possessions.
Only now that she was gone from the room could Neferhenutmire fully realize all of the details that she had missed from her mother's room.
Many statues of the twin Gods had disappeared vanished.
Not only that but senet tabels , art tapestries, love poems and even the better bedding sheets had been removed for this journey of haste.
Neferhenutmire turned her face away in anger her lips curling as The pectoral viced around her head .
Breathing in deeply she gave a soft glare and smirked softly.

“Mawat will return and plead forgiveness as always.” it was a soft whisper.

Yet looking at the scroll she knew better : This was the end for her and now she pulled herself from her seat.
“If I am not allowed Inside I will go about outside and look at the earth.’
The princess took to the center of the ship now and held the scroll tight in her hands.

Her mind races in and out of old memories : yes and of good times with Mawat as well.
In the dark lit gardens time had faded past well what she had thought stuck in doors.
Now the slightly red moon was just a sliver in the sky:
Here away from the city the princess could see a breath of stars and it pleased her dull heart. A soft smile stole the corners of her narrow face.
Now she looked to the left of her shoulder and made her way to her own room to get a cloak for the moonlight.
Fear rose within her. This would be a time when the gods would not have a festival, how many Reket or common men would be out and about tonight?
Her nose scrunched up as she pushed her way through the dark ash wood doors.
NeferHenutmire then began to make her way to a large wicker bed and she pulled a malachite cloak from her pillow and wrapped it around her blue dress
Tears filled her eyes as she found her mothers face in her minds eye and she pulled her hood up.
Then the princess turned on her heals and began to push her way past a few gossiping ladies her head down.

“ I pray The Neteru smite The Child and not the Lady Pharaoh or Egypt is doomed. ‘
Barely more then a whisper but enough to make the young woman narrow her oval shaped eyes swirling with soot color.
This was a sin to even speak against Ma’at,
The princess felt a cold chill sweep over her frame as she made her way past the loading plank to the sandy shore line bellow instantly regretting the sand that began to slip into the tips of her toes.
The crown princess often had others around to carry her seldom did she walk for herself.
She then made her way past a bustling crowd of talking ladies half naked for the moon to see.

2558 bc
The time of Khnum Khufu,The great bull rising!
The one god worshiper ,
the all knowing as the morning and evening star:

The Royal Palace began to sing with life today as many gathered in from far off lands to Pharaoh Khufu’s guest quarters.
For the whole palace the most care and gold had once gone into the construction of this wing.
Its center mangm opis was a round shaped lotus pool with The sun god Ra holding a spear out to the world ready to defend The Palace.
The lilly pads in this are some to white flowers that spread a sweet nealy oddly off putting smell through the courtyard. The limestone floor was polished to perfection and the smell of lemons was overpower the nose.
It attracted wildlife and birds the first sounds that came into focus this early hour of the morning.
Yawning the small girl out stretched her naked arms to the sky and then pulled from the soft matting of the guest bed. Tossing aside the rather cold lion's skin blanket that had been keeping her warm enough to sleep but not be at ease.
The room was golden and painted with so many words she could not yet read. Warm pleasure filled her chest as the willowy tanned girl made her way to the water dish on a golden table in the middle of the room, using a dry rag to dip in the
water and clean herself.

She began at her oval shaped face washing the sleep from her violet green almond shaped eyes.
Even for such a small girl she had shapely lips and a narrow nose high cheek bones and a bright smile as she scrubbed away at her long narrow neck. Then the rest of her hourglass figured out her body.
Keka felt cheap next to the silver mirror even her own Mawat didn’t have a sliver mirror at home.
She used it to play with her side lock and weave a fresh lavender stock into her braid.
Her mind elated at the thought of helping the princess today: and watching the Priestesses of Heru dance for the pleasing eye of the privet family dinner.
This was something no ordinary servant would be allowed to help at.
Keka would have to look the part and she had a malachite dress that had been made for the occasion earthly humble servant robes. Even with a Father as a viser times had been hard.
Pharaoh Khufu had placed all funds into the buildings to the north of the city. Her father often ranted about a time before the male Pharaoh and how the grapes from the house had sold better in such times.
Running on her heels Keka walked over to the royal chest and began to wrap herself in the carefully sown undergarments. Then she held up before her the deep green malachite dress that was soft to the touch.
Nothing in her small life had ever been so lavish, she rubbed it against her bare cheek.
Then she held it out to a small painting of the cat goddess Bast her voice was like soft feathers to the wind as she spoke “Look at this, me to wear it feels like a dream.’
Keka still had so much childlike innocence at her youth that to her it seemed The goddess was truly in the paper and smiling back at her.
Keka quickly pulled the garment over her head and pulled it down to fit her hourglass frame.

She tied the back shash around to her front the way she had seen her own mother do.
But by keka’s calculations this was just fine; she liked to sneak away with Rajedef during the days when no one had a care for where the two might be , Or better yet what trouble they had been found to be in.
The green dress has been hand dyed and was soft and bright against her olive toned skin and she did a little twirl in the room.
Keka walked to the entrance of the door and picked up her plain wooden sandal and strapped them on carefully.
A large Grey Crane was drinking from the center pond before her as she left the guest room pushing aside the cloth door to greet the world.
The tables to the of the garden had Foreign beauties all playing Senet together in groups.
The beatitudes did not dress like Egyptians but instead wore light purples the shade of Keka’s eyes.
Her plain sandals clicked as she skipped along the polished tiles.

Keka’s heart wanted to go down the way past the Harem to the royal son’s courts but she knew better.
Her time today was better spent going straight to NeferHenutmire’s rooms. She had been placed at the Back of The Harem’s the secret embarrassment to The Dwarf Pharaoh : The Former Crown Princess.
Keka had been told the story by her father countless times, and how it was her dutiy to make The Princess happy in her outcast status by the brother who was born the night of The Lady Pharaohs death The King husband having declared it ment a new Erra for the lands under control by men.
This was the only Life the small girl knew : But The palace always sparkled.
Even away from the nature of the outside gardens The compound-like walls had been painted with such care that the young girl wondered how many hundreds of years ago they had been placed there.

Keka often wondered what her life would be like if The Dwarf Pharaoh was not alive but this was down to Rahoptep’s need to place The truth of Ma’at onto his children before it was forgotten.
As Keka entered the square pavilion she looked up at the ceiling that had been painted with stars
The many Wives of the new Pharaoh lived here, in small shut off and separate rooms,
Even their own dining area that had its own kitchen servants for when the Dwarf Pharaoh would come to visit.
The princess had a vast large room meant for The lady Pharaoh seldom ever spoke of Said to have been cared for since the days of the old gods.
Sunlit flittered the side windows so that birds could come and go as they pleased, Keka made her way past a large palm tree and into a inter room using her small hands to push open two wooden doors..
Keka laughed softly as she made her way past the blue tilted floors and found NeferHenutmire her face greeted her with its heart shape and her eyes held a dark soot they had since her youth.
In truth the young girl did fear the princess she made the small child un easy : how could she survive in the real word ? or the market. Poor girl.
But today she was dressed in dazzled lapis lazuli and a light painted smile that held her dark complexion well.
Her inner dress was plain and golden like the robes of Heru .
“The cat has arrived.”
In comes the dark skinned prince Rajedef was the true image of his mother, something he had no idea about.
His squared off face smiled at her and he held keen half green eyes at her “Hello Ta sheirt .’ He had called her the younger Keka wondered about softly.
“You are here ! In this place of ladies !’ Rajedef turned away from her and blushed.

“Keka quiet.’
Her eyes narrowed the green violet orbs and she shrugged going to The Princess Of Egypt and taking her arm in her own.

The keka noticed that his head was bald : yes smooth and polished.
When had his side lock been removed?
His hand held even a new ring on the base of his middle finger;
“Come closer Keka we must hold hands before they pull us apart for the night!’
Rajedef spoke boldly to the little servant girl so she left The Princeses’s side to run to him.
Instantly Keka's small fingers interlocked with his the two childhood friends had been hard to pull apart.
“ You both must stop, Infront of fathers whores perhaps but you cannot dote about with a serving girl in front of the Daisis tonight!’
NeferHenutmire spoke from a time when she had been allowed to the stead at the head of the table, from a young age on The Lap of The Lady pharaoh all that time was gone now.
The young princes face filled with a soft anger and he sighed pulling away from her: Perhaps one day it would not matter like he had promised in the glowing temples.
The observatory was by far her favorite and she and the young prince would sneak out and spend nights walking about the mazes of the pyramids.
Tonight would be no different she was sure of that plain faced except for kohl and a smile.
“Lighten up you get to eat out in public today sister what a joy that shall be before Father and his many guests.’ The younger boy was taller then the over adorned princess and the two lead the way .

Both eyes fixated from one anothers and also the hallways leading out of the Harem.
“Yes that is a change I can surley thank Rahotep for and his dreams no doubt made up to please father.’
Keka could feel a hot flush on her cherub cheeks and had to clear her throat as she rushed to keep up, the third wheel to the trio now.
An awkward sensation arose in her chest and she pulled at her side lock causing The young Prince to turn his head and bite back at her in a harsh guiding tone.
“Ta shriet stop that its un becoming of a person in green.”
This made the young violet eyed girls orbs turn into soft saucer dishes momentlery as her hand let go of her braid and she then tried to walk the way the prince did , head high to the air.
Rajedef then turned and smiled at the girl and then took the lead from the three.
“ I get to sit next to Kawab bragging about his hunting skills tonight. Just wait until the marshes this week so I always get the bigger fish in the end.’
Now the princess scoffed and turned her head to him ‘You feather head!” it was a tall screech causing even some of the darker ladies to whisper as they passed by.
Now Neferhenutmire turned and sighed
“Do not bring up fishing or hunting in a time like this ! We spoke of Ra Hotep and Keka is inclined to know how her father is trying to help me take over Waset! This is no easy task and cannot not happen overnight.’
Radjef rubbed the back of his neck he growled softly and began to stir away still taking the lead but going back into the out doors: Taking the longer way to the inner feasting tables.

“I have told you she is still too young and I don’t want her in this.’ Keka now breathed in slowly and pulled at the top leaf of a tree the trio surpassed its branches had low bends and she left like she wanted to hide in its aged knots,
“Her father plans to move against the ladies of the Harem with me they all crave The sweet cakes I have sent to my rooms : start to add acaci berry and you have a court full of sterile women.’

The word stuck out and confused her but she knew better then to ask after it .
The outer courtyard faded away and the stone pillars began to resemble The Sun god Re.
“That is dangerous politics.’ The young prince interjected
“Yes and sneaking off to plan a farm life with some servant is a child’s dream time to, Place the childish things away.’
Guilt arose inside the small young girl how had the nightly meetings been so clear to everyone ? Her violet orbs overrated at the others as they began to walk limestone corridors again, this time warm lamps lit the way.
Not the blue power surged walls:
“Let me worry over that many years to plan it out and no one has caught us yet.”
“Except all of Waset.’
“Not nearly enough. Damn you to the Duat Nefer.’ The young prince had said softly looking at the golden scarab doors looking back at the servant girl he smiled and patted the top of her head He lightly pressed a finger against her lips. "No matter how much you miss me, I miss you twice as much." His free hand roamed her cheek now and pulled away as he sighed . "My soul hungers for you. My body aches for you and my mind , my mind thinks of you often.’ Pulling away his hazel eyes kept locked on the scarab doors and then he pulled away .

Rajedef bowed low to his sister “Do well tonight when dancing to the goddess.’ The two siblings knew to please The Pharaoh and be in good graces again would be a long to overcome task.
Keka felt a small feverish of sadness as the young prince then stood straight and pushed his way through the two doors.
Surely she would see him tonight ; and that was a small comfort.
“You musn't get caught Little cat.’ Keka knew this was not a complement but rather an insult a marr against her proper name.
Sighing she fallowed The princess past the main doors, wishing she could see the festivities just behind them.
Ones that caused music into the far night- food yet to be served for several more hours.
Keka sighed and began to look out to the ceiling that seemed to be unreachable from her body.
Then looking back to the princess she fallows into a narrow corridor and into a room and many stretching dancers.

Neferhenutmire leads the way to the youngest princess of Egypt and squinted to look at her darker complected washed down image.
Next to one another even a small child could see they were sisters sharing the shame cheek bones and noses.
Yet the darker and shorter princess held her head high with a feather crown over her thick beaded wig.
The two wigs held nothing alike in shape and they looked in comparison in every way to the small glance of her violet obrs
Keka began to thank the Neteru that she did not have to compete with a younger sibling anymore no matter how grim the circumstances .
NeferHenutmire pulled The smaller child into a hug and spoke softly “ Jenu It is good to see you in kind graces and to know I may be seen by the eyes of Waset tonight.’

Clearing her throat Keka sat back and yawned softly causing both princesses to glare at her and she fixed her posture.
Rows of tables and cosmetics had been lined out and the two sat down as groups of naked and very pleasing to the eye darker women crowded around The Half sisters and began to apply a polished layer of color to the works they had done them selves.
The lead of the team was a lanky man with a ling beaded wig and he sighed speaking in a lit voice.
“ My lady you do have some of the finest Libyan colors at your hands don’t you ? I would try gold on the next pleasing night to the gods Malachite is such a … servants color.’
The man gave a soft an confident chuckle as he reached for a cup clicking it with his long nails before drinking.
Keka looked down at the deep green of the gifted dress to her; how could anyone hate such a humble color?
The young girl swallowed her pride and stood quietly behind her lady.
Keka knew better then when to speak out of turn smoke began to fill the room from the corners sweet smelling clouds began to softly fill the room.
“I am ready to go dance now Keka make sure you go to my seat and get my food ready when it comes as the dancing is over and sit on the floor need you look un becoming in a royal chair.’
The lack of faith stung the small girl but she nodded and began to turn hell and push past the rooms coughing slightly at the smoke.
Keka took the long way out of the corridor finding comfort placing her back on a cool line stone wall.
A large palm leaf shaded her indoors in a pot that was larger then her own body.
Her violet orbs took in its hand crafted care as she breathed in and made her way to the Dais.
Keka had never been in the room before: the place where the dwarf Pharaoh ate and entertained.

Her brother had spoken of tales how the pharaoh and his children hung above the rest of the court one level above the rest , eating and drinking as they watched the guest eat and converse.
Tonight was an old exception as the princesses of the king himself would dance for all the noble men of Waset to see to thank the god of truth in his time.
Keka had just had a birthday weeks before and no grand parties had held her reminding her she was lesser then the Neteru.
Keka gulped past a nervous tick in her throat a girl of 8 should carry herself taller yet she still felt fear at the unknown behind that Royal door.
Keka pulled her back from the cool wall and breathed out softly.
Tonight she planned to sit at the Princesses feet , to serve her wine and food and pick scraps for the nosey hazel eyed prince.
Then tonight would be spent running around The inner shrine in the gardens with the prince sheltered from drunken men and parties full of dances to gods who payed little attention to her.
Keka could picture hsi squared face and pointed chin , he had a soft smile and an chilly gaze.
He has her best friend she felt lost not at his side, and in truth it was him she wished she was serving food too, hearing him complain over fishing with his siblings to impress his father.
Her breathing had stilled and now she moved from under the tree with a soft push and could hear her foot steps pound in the hall.
The loud speaking, shouting , and clinking of cups was heard from behind another wooden door.
NO one would notice her slip in late that was a plus side to the noise and commotion.
Pushing past the wooden door Keka swallowed her fear.
Past the door her violet eyes met a beautiful sight many people of all ages sat on the far end of a long table laughing and drinking.

A stage adorned with many exotic flowers narrisuis bulbs , sesbans , and even dragonworts had been laid out in archways over a river painted stage, the the back held a large group of priestess in dark blue robes next to then Men Keka knew the priests of Re in leopards robes around their waists and lions manes on their shoulders.
Other Foreign guest sat at their own round tables away from the longer crowd with just above them A lime stone second raining , overlooking a golden table holding a brimming table full of Wasest most important men and ladies of the Royal courts.
The Pharaoh would be wearing the double crown tonight and watching closely as she slipped to the long royal table and sat at the foot of the table next to a few more quiet servants her violet eyes focused on the make shift stage .
Then her eyes began to wonder at all the brimming plant life in the room , and the many Immortelle flowers hanging from the ceiling its bright yellow clusters reminded the small girl of golden kisses from the Neteru.
This place seemed happier and more scared then the inner temple of the cat goddess.
Even if it didn't glow with the power of the observatory that had yet to be finished .
Keka cracked her long neck as she settled in and watched as the crowds of Nobelmen and wives began to flood into the outer rooms .
Her mind briefly thought of her Brother , Father , and Mother off in the crowd an keen to be able to eat tonight.
Keka look in a deep long breath playing tonight of all nights would go well.
The overwhelming smell of sweet cakes mixed with the flowers and stunning harps began to dance to life.
Keka had to suppress a giggle as she wondered if the Neteru would feast like this forever in the afterlife.
To be high next to the Living god on Earth and watch such a grand party felt like it.

Sitrums began to play and shake and loud calling began to trill and fall a hush over the crowds that had gathered inside.
The smell of roasted duck from the kitchens was all bust lost as loud war drums began.
Keka pushed herself further onto the floor and held her head high in the air eager to watch the play begin.

to be continued

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Hours into the play servants began to bustle quietly from the shadows and place many bowls of food, thick cone shaped breads, Sweet cakes and cups of fine wines on the long tables.
This was followed by the round guest tables.
Young Keka was too enamored by the flashing bodies and dancing limbs to see if Pharaoh had been served first.
The hour was late and Keka was rubbing her eyes softly and stretching out by the time the curtains began to drop.
For hours she had spent on the tips of her knees peering onto the stage, humming with the princess to all her lines.
The dances of the cat goddess bast had been the most pleasing to the eye : even more so when the priestess had come into the crowd and danced among the servants handing out egyptain roses.
Keka had tucked her own behind her ear blushing on her prominent cheekbones that matched the flowers hues as she did so Now she had to stretch out and began to wash her hands in a nearby lemon water dish : once she had gotten under her nails the wordlessly made her way back over to the princesses painted chair , then she began to peer around the table.
Neferhenutmire preferred the roosed goose or duck: and she needed flatbreads over sticky sweet breads; the princess enjoyed little things in this life.
Taking careful care she began to lay the plate taking goats cheese, flat bread, and a dark roasted goose. Around the main parts she pulled forgin grapes and a local pomegranate. Keka took her time pouring the wine it had to be done with one hand behind her back ; as was the custom.

For someone her size to do it without spilling was a great deal of a task. Yet the beautiful child managed it like breathing. Getting the dark thick liquid into a golden up without any over splash just as one of the older serving women had spent most of last afternoon teaching her.
At such a young age she was learning that she did not want to spend a lifetime serving the royal’s as it made you grumpy and stern in old ways. Yet Keka knew the Rajedefs Nursemaid Herit-Ttawy with full curves and a dashing aged smile would show that smile and praise her if she had been there.
Keka handed the wine callus to the serving girl next to her: A much older darker woman who's slender fill made Keka eye down at her own body from the corner of her eye as she stood straight waiting for The Princess so she could pull out her chair.
Now she could spot the moving feathers overhead on the second floor of the dasis room. Pharaoh sitting down was impossible to see even standing on her tippy toes, sighing the young girl fought the urge not to yawn,
‘Be lively!’ The princess called out to Kekas slight shock that she had changed : now she wore a half top piece in a dark scarlet red beaded at its edges with Onyx and the bottom half was a long skirt that hugged at her hips with large ostrich feathers that hung from it.
Neferhenutmire was beautiful. Keka found her full body to be unlike any other woman in the crowded area, for she walked like she owned everyone in the room in a sense she did.
But it was true beauty that caused the men of the courts to want to sit next to her ; or even ask her how she had danced so well. Keka pulled out The Princesses chair with a smile taking time to envy her bright white feathered pectoral.
It had been crafted with care and its edge that the feather met the silver at was studded with small round Lapis lazili beads. The Princess sat in the chair and held her arms up as she used her legs to push herself in saving Keka from having to do it herself.

This was truly how the night began, it was in late hours when the people around her began to get loud the small girl stayed at The Princesses side as she consumed her food like a light bird using her thumb and pointer finger to bring the food to her lips.
Keka watched his woman eat with eagerness as she stayed attentive to the lighter toned guests.
Neferhenutmire spoke in a new tongue the girl had never heard before, It was short and by far too fast to keep up with.
This proceeded for some time before the mesmerising woman turned to her “Wipe my hands for me with a wet cloth.’
It was less a command versus instruction to help the small child stay on task with all the older serving maids. Keka used her cherub-like hands to reach for a wet Linen that had been soaking in lemon water using it to wash her hands softly.
One of the much older forgein men said something in his natvie tongue this caused The princess to ndd and start to make out fake breathy laughs as if to quiet him.
“This man called you a cat, like someone else I know.’ Had she been referring to Rajadef ?
Keka turned away her own belly growling for food: wishing it had been a regular night filled with Temple running and giggles as they ran from screaming priests of Ausiar The ominous green skinned god.
“Take this cup of wine and eat only bread and cheese, sip that wine. It's not like the beer at dinner time it is brought out for tonight's festival and it's strong.
We will be out of here once the dancing begins so eat quickly child.’
Her hand that was full of bracelets and beads shook at the girl snapping her into motion as she began to rush around the table picking up the cup that had been referred to her.
In her right hand she picked up a lined cloth and took a large chunk of honey bread; with plane goats cheese rushing back to her spot at Neferhenutmires feet.

Keka pretended to drink the wine as she rolled the cheese inside of her bread and began to eat it it small quick bites.
She had learned how to eat quickly in the passing months since her sister’s death. Her Mawat would be prone to fits of rage as she ate. It in turn was better to eat quickly and get up from the table; going out to the gardens to talk with the small statute of Bast.

Breathing in deeply she took a sip from the cup: The wine inside was not as thick as Egyptain wine- in truth it was also bitter making a face she quickly set it down. The world around Keka was booming. Loud drums, harps, flutes , and singing .
This was trying to drown out several conversations blushing the small child tried again to peek above at Pharaohs tables seeing naked ladies dance in swaying patterns.
Keka found her jaw dropping at the shapley ladies Some curly and fine - others lean and small chested. A rainbow of bodies all painted and gyrating to the music rhythms. Keka found herself wishing to be at the feet of Pharaoh : to pour his wine .
To be able to watch The women of the Harem dance, and learn how.
“Keka!” it was a harsh shout and now the young girl turned her head to see Princess NeferHenutmire glaring at her standing at her feet.
“I have called you three times: stop looking at the clouds and come back down to the ground.’
Keka rose to her feet and cleared her throat.
She nearly spoke then knew better. The young girl fixed her malachite robes and smiled rushing to Neferhenutmire’s side - pulling out her chair.
The Princess pushed passed her and the small girl began to race after her thankful she could make long catlike strides.

“My lady what happened?’
Outrage overtook The princesses plump full face as she raced through confusing twisting halls, full fine smells and plants.
“The prince of Hati implied you looked like my daughter and there must be a reason such a small child would sit at my feet on tonight- that that is perhaps why I am shamed away to the Harem’
Neferhenutmires lips curled at the world Harem like it was poison in her mouth she needed to spit out, Keka nearly tripped over her feet at yet another turn.
The small child tried to suppress a soft giggle and shook her head.
“Why on earth would anyone think that?’

The Princess growled at this and sighed, shaking her head and looking away from
the small girl making her way into the nearly empty Harem.
The older ladies whose bones would ache on early nights had settled naked bathing in the moonlight in the gardens talking late- and sharing wine.
The princess turned to Keka causing her to fall back on her heels
“ It has nothing to do with you; he simply wishes to get the servants talking.
The true news of the palace comes from loyal servants tongues, rumours can be like a fire in places like this .’
The Princesses face snarled at her, scary with the fine layer of makeup left after hours of dancing.
Keka could see for the first time her nose was slightly crooked and her hands on her hips made her look weary and tired.
“It is about hurting my name on this living earth; why not sneak off now you children won’t listen to me anyhow.’ Kekas light violet orbs welled with a little pain but she turned away.

Still having too much to learn about this place and its many tricks. Keka turned and began to walk quickly from The princess now trying to contain herself. She didn't cry anymore, not now that her sister was dead.

The Palace walls felt like a maze of stars when looking up at the sky too long.
Keka found herself feeling alone in the long hallway; she found herself in a large opening hallway. Twirling in circles she muttered helpless under her breath. The wine perhaps was affecting her she found herself lost in a maze of potted palm trees.

“ Ta- shriet!’ The call made Keka turn on her heals she blushed over looking and turned.
Radjedef turned to her with a large smile : He was still in his pleated kilt and he looked older with no side lock, something about him in the dark made her jump slightly and he laughed.
‘Why did you jump?’
Keka found her cheeks felt hot and she cleared her throat she had been doing that so much tonight it felt a little raw. “I got.. Turned around.”
The young Prince reached out a confident hand and pulled her by her right shoulder close to his hip for a moment before letting her go.
“Some day you won’t have to worry about getting lost in a place too big come on.’ Giving a soft chuckle the dark toned boy began to lead her down the right ascending pathway. The ceiling had been painted with blue flowers.
Keka followed and yawned as she tried to keep up.
“ Where are we going ? I must be back soon!’

The young prince glanced over his shoulder at her with a snarky yet playful smile.
“I want to show you something before I walk you home. Try not to worry your parents are still at my father's side getting fat with wine to Harem girls I left as soon as the dancing started.’
He ran his left hand over his bald head as he said this the pectoral he had earlier had been removed. He sounded bored . Sick of the same conversations over and over - such as nakes bodies, boasting hunting trips and needless talks of food and how it had been cooked.
“I have found I hate this life. My father's wives and his ladies.’ Keka placed her hands behind her back, bending them in nervous thoughts seemed to ease. The prince kept walking with pride while she felt dizzy squinting her eyes she followed.
“Djedi.’ she called out to him by his name the name she had given him. It made that confident stride stop the young prince turning with a gripping smile.
“I am walking too fast. I am sorry.’ his pace slowed and he matched with her ten pulled at the sleeve of her vibrant dress.

“Did it feel nice to wear this dress? You could have a green one every day if you chose so.’ Keka’s eyes widened now she studied the thick Kohl around his eyes. Now in the dim light of outside torches, accompanied by window light.
Keka only nodded atthis , she sighed out as she saw the matching Malachite on his eyes, just subtle tones .
The middle Prince of Egypt nodded at her.
“I have to tell you before anyone else.”

They now krept into a gold plated floor. Quietly - he had taken her to The passed Lady Pharaoh’s bath house .
The small girl looked around in awe as they surpassed gold plated doors. She momentarily thought of asking about the words on the golden scarab on the walls, knowing better she stayed quiet and followed in heal.
“Look here now; I was called out before them all today.’ Keka gulped and bit her lower lip.
The young Prince then passed over to an empty hallway; behind that was a room of long square pools .
Empty now but once brimming with water , and life.
Breathing in deeply she watched as he sat down and looked up at her leaning against the wall.
“ Ta Miu do you understand?’ Kekla shook her head to tell him no. How could she?
His hazel eyes brimmed, they looked gold in the dark and he breathed in deeply he as on the verge of tears : not the kind from sadness it was the kind from anger and shame.
“ So tell me.’ Keka didn't have to should this was a small command some nosey part of her needed to fill that void with knowledge
It was here in the dark of his dead mother's bath bathhouse that his face began to turn red: this rage made Keka slightly nervous but she knew he could stay on the floor. Sitting turned away from the dusty walls.
Keka wondered why he had brought her to a place for a person he never spoke of. The boy was too close with his nursemaid Herit-Ttawy. The two had been so close he only ever called her Mawat. He would even make sure the older woman ate before he did. In return the woman would tell him about his birth mother whom she had also been a nurse maid for. Speaking of how hard it was to lose The lady pharoah, and to lose status of not being Kawabs nurse and how she wouldn't have it any other way for sure truly loved Rajedef and would even hold Keka when she would cry about home.

“My father knew I went to greet you, and that I chose to match you tonight he berated me about buying you and doing awful things - told me I had to learn to be a man.’ Now his narrowed squared jawline tensed .
“He made me stand before them all as they laughed at how a farmer's ambitions are foolish dreams that I cannot have the world at my hands, work for free and that I am a fool to leave Waset that I have to earn my way out.’
Keka still didn’t understand part of her wished he would stop : quiet his mind and lips .
The rage in his eyes filled deeper and she breathed in.
“He called me names for matching my eyes like yours tonight. He said I’m too much like a soft woman and that Herit-Ttawy was to blame and she would be kept apart from me so I can become a man and not a shame.’ He was shaking as he spoke his fists in balls of anger, knuckles becoming white.
“So then he told me I shall Join the army in the Upper part of Egypt far away from here for a year and if I still want some petty serving girl and a foolish man's life, I can have it better to be rid of the child who killed his only thing stopping him from power.
‘With me gone he has no one with my mother's blood but my sisters and The priests would never allow a female back in power not now that the way of the Neteru is so broken.’’
Keka sighed out now she sat at his feet on her knees, she looked up at him so he had to look down at her and his face was calm.’
“Take me with you, don’t go.’ His eyes began to dry he reached out to her.
“You are still small and should enjoy life a year is nothing you will even have parties and festivals to keep you happy.’ A gripping sense of time began to surpass around the two.
Time had stopped here only for a little while.
“I brought you here this place was my Mawats’s not my nursemaid but my real one and you can come clean it daily and think of me .’

Keka looked away from him; it was too hard to gaze upon his face now and she sighed softly out.
“It will pass by in no time and be good on my hunting hands and mind.’

“If the moon smiled, He would resemble you. You leave the same impression of something stunningly vibrant, but annihilating. One look brings a smile fruitful with comfort. To lose that beauty would mean certain death. The Moon also teases us from afar ; He makes us reach out to him full of dreams.
Just as you leave me reaching out arms open to you ; Each passing day from here I too reach for you , as my moon. It causes passing day dreams. From this distance my heart has a window open to youre own . Through this window I keep sharing secrets . Let them wash away the pain. Leaving only annihilating beauty exposed to the world. It is all due to that smile.’
By the end of it the young girl was in harsh tears streaming down her high cheekbones.
She was speaking from her heart , The poem she had spent weeks in the gardens working on she needed him to hear it before he was forced away.
In truth she wanted to hug at him and scream but she stayed quiet and subtle.
“ I will come back , and you will be okay There is too much love in you and light in us to go to waste.”’ Then the young girl turned to him .
In the dark light her high cheekbones glowed softly and she then pulled at her side lock and smiled.
“Go off, and be safe I understand but keep that with you everyday if... If I never saw you again.’ Rajedef smiled, reached over and kissed her forehead. He held her for a long time The two had been young friends who wanted nothing more then to run away together- That was true innocence to have one another away from the place and live as adults away from fame and building.
“It is only a year, what is a year to us? When we will have years to be away from them!’ The young prince pulled away now and laughed softly taking him her visage.

“Come on the villa is a long walk, still I can see you are tired, it's in your eyes.’ Her heart felt a new emotion it was breaking further then it had this year and Keka nodded.
The Prince helped her to her feet with a rare tenderness. He then pulled away from her leading her through more winding passage ways .

So it had been true what Neferhenutmire had said the two had been careless and now her Temple running days had seemed to diminish over night. Now she would have to find a new way of living.
Keka then looked out as they walked into a man passageway.

“ I always forget you have to go down the stairs to get to The Visers gardens and villas.”
This was true her home was deep in the palace, far off to the east wing as you could go low on the ground away from the royal families.
It was surrounded by the lush lotus garden full of flowers and herbs from all over the world, even wild cannabis. It had house villas in the square that led to an outside entrance to the city of Waset a place she had seen a handful of times.
They stopped at the entrance of the stairs and she looked up at him.
“When do you leave?’ Keka asked she was now looking down the stairs not meeting his eyes :
“I do not know yet but you will know when I do.’ Rajedef gave her a soft smile and patted the top of her head.
“Do not be so weary, we have years for our lives. We are the lucky ones not fat old men who crave parties and dances.’ This made Keka turn to face him with a half smile.

“What if I had wanted to be there tonight? Not down below at everyone's feet like a cat.’
A genuine smile ripped away at The Young boy that stood before her.
‘ I imagine you will have many times to come up there : avoid it at all costs. We have the kind of brains that have no need for such affairs; a king should not act like that.’
Keka began to tremble a little looking around the dim passageways causing a monkey-like chuckle to leave the princes lips. Looking back at him she folded her arms and clicked her tongue.
“Laugh away that is fine; but to sit at the feet of others after so much.’
The young boy only hit her shoulder with his own. He gave a long nearly scary smile and shrugged at her.
‘I shall always call you little cat now, little spy is that better?’ this caused her to begin to tread down the long limestone stairs that lead back outside. The prince called out to her and she kept walking.
“Unef “ He had called her the most beautiful causing the shake of her head .
“No be at peace away from me, go fight the wars of Waset.’
His hand clasped hers and he forced the girl to look at him.
“ Keka I promise : years from now you wont be at the feet of anyone, far away from here with maids and quiet chickens.’ he frowned at her as she pulled her arm free.
“It will just be You , Herit-Ttawy and I.’ He was reaching out to her again but she began to pace further down the steps.
“Pain always comes at a price, so does real care and love!’ He was trying to urge his point to her yet she was still younger than him and it was hard to see anytime down the road other then wishing to be free from her Mawats grasp.
“I don’t know what I want for my life , I want the gardens and The River. Now not then.’ He began to follow her down the stairs .
This was a place in the palace someone of his status would never go, yet shamelessly he followed her.
‘So sit in peace work on you. But do not cast me away either.’
Keka turned to him, her keen smile faded and she narrowed her eyes.
“Go now; isn’t Pharaoh angry enough?’
He laughed as they walked and The Prince shook his head taking the lead of the stairs and beating her outside.

The goddesses Nut and Hathor had to be dancing in the sky tonight.
“Tonight he is drunk , and will forget I was here with you … he has bigger plans and buildings .’
The stars seemed bright here .
Keka looked over the garden; her mind flashing back to the hot summer day- and the slave boy.
Pushing it away she then placed away , looking back to him in this place of death.

“What corner are you in?’ He said it in his monotone command voice would that too change when he went away? Keka then turned to the furthest path , leading him to the house she called her own home.
It was squared off; it had many rose bushes on the outside , and a large wooden gate painted with gold paint.
“I will leave you now, just promise to look after Mawat she will feel like she's losing My true mom all over again.’ Keka turned to him looking at him now taking in his new bald head. His same royal garb and jewels she had grown accustomed too.
“So soon this time.’
“Alot is going to change, don't you worry.’
His hand reached out for hers and then patted it in his own , letting go now he smiled at her.
“I will see you when the sun rises ; sleep now.’
He turned and began to jog his way back up the path that had taken him.
Huffing under her breath she led her way down the inner corner of the gardens .

She sat at the edge of a lotus pond and dipped her hands in closing her eyes letting the night race over her getting ready to go into her empty room and sleep.
Getting up Keka made her way inside of her house waiting for a paid guard to let her in the front room.
She made her way past the fully furnished house , even fresh flowers in a nearby vase on a scroll shelf into the back room.
Since her sister's death it had been emptied, she had a few things , rocks and stones on the windows.
She also had a soft blanket on the floor and a few simple plain dresses , She took the bright green one off leaving it in the corner and making her way to the others sliping on a sleeping gown.
The room was empty ; causing her own thoughts to race and bulge . yet she curled up in the corner on her blanket. Looking out her window to the moon .
The last thing she would look at before the day ended.
“Good night Neteru.’ She whispered in a yawn shed wash in the morning she told herself as she began to drift away . everything she knew changing in just hours, her belly still not quite full.
Turning to gaze up at the moon one last time her mind wandered , to a bed with sheets, hugging her arms to her chest she drifted into sleep.

to be continued

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