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Post #11 Subject: Posted at: May 4 2022, 4:34:35 pm

The Generals Dad Donator

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BUMP so TPS can see.

I pay more than what you earn from steps.
Post #12 Subject: Update Posted at: June 1 2022, 4:55:00 pm

Cheese Donator Gender: Male Staff

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Hey all, as of today the calculator is now updated to the most recent Mining and Steps averages :) should any more balance changes come out I'll make another post, however in the meantime, I'm once again asking for your data

As it currently stands, the calculator doesn't take into account the new rare events found in the mines. While I'm not sure if I'll ever be able to include these in the calculator in a meaningful way, I would still like to try! Therefore, if anyone is planning on using a large quanitity of power potions in the near future, I would greatly appreciate it if they could monitor:

1) amount of power potions used
2) multiplier used
3) If Vicodin is active
4) rare events triggered - 3 cash events, 5 crystal events, etc.
5) Treasure Chests found

Thanks as always, and I look forward to hopefully hearing from some of you soon

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